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Eaah, an anon requested Daehyun and so I was given free reign for the plot. Oh ho ho, I’ve been planning this one for a while :3 Any of you hate mice? I’m just saying ^^ CAUSE I HATE THEM OKAY. Anyway, enough teasing. Onto the story!

            “Aiyeeee!” The shriek that came from your throat was unearthly and you jumped onto the couch, sinking into it, covering your face with the throw pillows. You tucked your legs underneath you and tried to breathe. You covered your ears.

            The one biggest fear you had, other than failure and snakes, was mice. Those furry, scurry rodents were nowhere near adorable. You honestly have no idea how people handled them. You couldn’t see a picture of them without wanting to flip tables. You didn’t understand how anyone could possibly stomach them. Just the very thought of them made you imagine furry feet scrambling up and down your sides. You squeaked, shuddering.

            You felt your tears become wet with tears. This was nowhere near the reality you wanted. You wanted to hide under a rock forever, except rocks are known to house those scampering, vile things. You winced. Where was your husband when you needed him?

            You whimpered and pulled your feet closer. Oh, why did you decide to be brave? If you had just ignored the scratchy noises you were hearing, then maybe you would have been spared the sight of the humongous black mouse, nibbling on pillow fluff. You let out a strangled sob.

            Suddenly your protective barriers were lifted and you squealed. You stared up at the amused face of your husband. “Daehyun,” you whimpered, scrambling up to hug him. You squeezed him tightly, breathing in his comforting scent.

            He patted your back and chuckled. “What happened now?”

            “I saw a mouse!” you sobbed.

            You felt the muscles around his mouth rise in a smile. “A mouse, I hear? Well, was it cute?”

            You pulled away and punched him on the chest. “No, you idiot. It was ugly and big and it wanted to eat me.”

            “Eat you?” Daehyun nibbled your neck. “Well you do taste pretty good.”

            “Stop it! Get rid of it, please. I can’t live with knowing that it’s somewhere under our roof. Please, DaeDae?” You pouted and gave him your saddest eyes.

            His eyes moved to a spot beyond the couch. “Omo! Look!” He pointed. “It’s back!”

            You jumped on top of him and wrapped your legs around him. “Protect me,” you cried, wetting the collar of his shirt.

            He chuckled. “I was kidding. I’m sure you must have screamed the house down. I wouldn’t be surprised if the mouse had a heart attack and is currently in rodent Heaven.”

            You glared at him and slipped back onto the couch. “You’re useless. What was the point of marrying you if you won’t even protect me? What was the point if you’re just going to make fun of me?”

            “Surely it was just for my mice catching skills,” Daehyun rolled his eyes. “And nothing to do with the fact that you might actually love me somewhere deep in your heart.”

            You crossed your arms and blew the side bangs out from your eyes. “Psh, I need a knight in shining armor.”

            Daehyun laughed and sat next to you. “I’m going to assume I have to do the rest of the chores today? You’re never going to walk about this house. I know it. Your brother has warned me about this type of behavior.”

            Your mouth dropped open. “That little brat. Fine. He was supposed to warn all my husbands anyway.”

            Daehyun’s eyebrows rose slightly. “Husbands?”

            “Shut up and catch that mouse for me. I’m scared.” You wrapped your arms around your legs, knowing full well you were acting like a little child.

            Daehyun stood up. “Here, mousey-mouse, my wife doesn’t like you. And by the law of syllogism, I don’t like you either. So I suggest you get over that heart attack you’re having and leave. I know her voice can be quite shrill when she is scared, so I don’t blame ya.” He looked back at you and winked.

            Your pout deepened and you stuck your tongue out at him. “Pabo.”

            Suddenly a gray figure darted out and you shouted, pointing. “Right there! Daehyunnie, there!”

            He whirled around and grabbed a broom from where you had dropped it. He chased after the mouse and started to attack it. “Don’t kill it in front of me,” you shut your eyes.

            “Damn, it ran away.”

            You whimpered again. “What are we going to do?”

            He carried you upstairs. “You stay here. Lock the door okay? And I’ll be back.”

            You watched him go and huddled into your bed. You’ve never overcome this irrational fear. You knew it was stupid but you couldn’t help it. Ever since you were young, you’ve been scared witless of these scampering animals. You closed your eyes and tried to breathe. Daehyun was too good to take care of you like this. Goodness knows, your brother was never able to tolerate it.

            You waited patiently, all the while keeping your eye sweeping across all the crevices in the room. You heard a knock on your door. “Open up, honey. Your knight in shining armor has arrived.”

            You got up and tiptoed rapidly across the room. You pulled open the door to reveal Daehyun. He was holding up a cat. The cat reached out with a claw. “Mrawr,” it meowed.

            Your eyes watered. “I’ve always wanted a cat.”

            He grinned. “You get your prince and now he’s your knight in shiny armor too. I’m going to let this kitty go so he can go catch your evil enemy okay? Nobody can ever try to overcome our kingdom and scare the princess so badly.”

            The cat mewled when Daehyun let it go. It charged down the stairs and you stepped into your husband’s embrace. “Thank you for bringing me my knight.”

            Daehyun pulled away. “Excuse me? That cat is so not your knight. I am, okay? He’s just my minion, and judging by his delight squeals, I think he’s caught the culprit. Let me go down and clean it up before you can catch sight of it, or better yet, before he brings it up here.”

            You gave him a look of horror and ran back into your room, slamming it shut, not willing to see a dead mouse. You stuck your tongue out at the door as you heard Daehyun laugh and walk downstairs. 

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