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So I decided to change some dates around. These requests should be finished by the 5th. I’m going to be doing a little surprise thing for you guys on the 7th so look forward to more on that. And then requests will open the 11th. I hope you all understand and really guys, you should talk to me more ;A; I like fangirling with the rest of you

            “Dad, I’ll be the only girl with the oldest prom date ever.”

            “You’ll have the hottest date ever,” Junhong quipped as he put on his bowtie.

            His daughter groaned and she stepped into the wedges that her mother had allowed her to wear. “Dad, why are you doing this?”

            There was suddenly a quiet and then he smiled. “Because I’m selfish. I went to prom with the first most beautiful woman in the world and now I want to go with Beauty Queen Number Two.” At her own father’s words, Ara blushed and fixed the drip that was attached to a small tank on her back.

            “Stop. You’re just worried about me getting too tired.”

            Junhong placed a hand on her back. “Don’t be silly. You’re a big girl. I know you can handle yourself. But I still want to be there when I see you dance.”

            He cleared his throat. Tears were starting to get caught and he didn’t want to cry in front of his daughter. Luckily, the bell rang at that moment and both he and his wife turned towards the entrance.

            “Oh, looks like your other date is here.” His wife opened the door and a shy, bashful looking boy walked in, bowing respectfully. Ara’s face lit up and Junhong stood back to watch them exchange their flowers.

            He watched his daughter, watched her as she shyly took the boy’s hand and he admired the way the dress fit on her, and her beautiful dark hair in waves half up and half down. He smiled a little sadly, knowing that the angel he had helped to bring to life would soon no longer be there.

            When the kids had set up, Junhong held out his elbow and stood by his daughter’s right side. She rolled her eyes but slipped her hand through his elbow anyway. “I’m so lucky. I get to go with two dates.”

            He swallowed and grinned. “Yeah, and nobody ever gets to do that.”

            Prom was an interesting experience. He really got to meet her friends and they were all surprised to see him there. “Wow, your dad actually came with you!”

            It was a source of amusement to him to see a couple of girls side eye him from their tables before they put their heads together and started whispering. “Dad, they’re talking about you,” Ara said with a grimace.

            “Good things, I hope?”

            Her face turned red. “They all think you’re hot for a dad.”

            Junhong beamed. “I told you, you would be with the hottest date ever.”

            The first dance came on and he was generous enough to let her actual date take the dance. He watched her as she placed her arms around the boy’s neck and the younger male gently put his arms on her waist, careful not to hit the tank. Ara looked at him almost for permission before placing her cheek against the boy’s chest. Junhong had to swallow the lump that formed.

            Would this how she would have looked on her wedding day? Nine of ten, it would be a different boy, but would this be how his little girl would look when she was supposed to be dancing with the love of her life? Would the small contented smile on her face be something that would last until adulthood and would her eyes be closed the way they are now?

            He took a deep breath and stood up. He needed some air. He stared at the sky and continued to picture Ara in another boy’s arms and swaying to the music. He strained his imagination and Junhong pictured her taller, older, without the tank and the drip, in a man’s arms. He pictured her just as he had seen her, eyes closed, smile on her face and ring on her finger.

            A single tear coursed down his cheek and he wiped it away. He came to engrave memories, not to shed tears. There was a hand on his arm and he looked down. His five feet one daughter was smiling at him.

            “Daddy? You better get in here. They’re starting with the EDM. You told me you were quite the hip hop dancer and all the girls want to see your moves.”

            She grabbed his hand and he followed her in. Even when the dance floor cleared to let him do his old dance moves, he kept his eye on his daughter and when he did the last flying spin, he landed in front of her and held out his hand.

            “Will the princess like to dance?”

            She grinned and he danced with her. Ara was laughing and smiling and he wondered if this was what their father-daughter dance would be like.  He forced himself to smile at her and keep calm because if he thought anymore about the future that wasn’t meant to be, he would cry and he didn’t want to ruin her day.

            He remember holding her as only a little baby in his arms and now she was grown up and going to prom. Normally, this reminiscing would take place on the wedding day, but Junhong knows he doesn’t have that time, so he started to live for that now.

            When the song ended and her date came back to claim her, he kissed her on the top of her head. “Go, have fun. Call me when you’re nearing home. I’ll be going now.”

            Ara stared at him and then she smiled. “I love you, Dad.”

            Junhong waved at her and exited the crowded ballroom. As he left, he turned around to see her dancing with the boy again, smiling and he closed his eyes, wanting to remember the moment when there would be no substitute to take its place.

Anonymous asked:
i feel u man. Jackson is slowly but surely wrcking my bias list

It’s really bad… It’s gotten to the point where I’m like Daehyun… or Jackson…

I read optional bias stuff and the first that comes to mind now is Jackson and I’m like WHAT. Gosh. He’s just so real and he’s not willing to put up with other people’s BS and it’s great.

If I ever met him, there would be no language barrier and I’d just YEAH CHINGLISH ALL THE WAY.


But I’m in too deep.


Oh my gosh, my birthday was terrific. I had so much fun. I went out for a birthday breakfast and dinner. Got loads of cash and spent time with my family and friends. I was out the whole day. So I got close to this guy and he's super sweet. Treats me well but just friends at the moment and I'm working on going to Kcon. Lineup is crazzyyyy


are you going to kcon?> 

ninjalemur asked:
My bias is Mister Kim Himchan with random spurts of feels for the other 5 members as they come xD I'm very visual when it comes to that sort of thing in the sense that, If i can see a play or a movie version or bits of it while I'm reading it, I can get the idea of the work better. While he's not my favorite author or playwright, i do enjoy his works (most of them anyways lol) I'm just waiting for my upper years when I can take classes based on other cultures and their literature.


He’s quite the dandy one haha 

right! We have to fulfill like a genre, time period and style focus so I’m taking Shakespeare as a time period and hopefully we get to read the same things ;D

How are you doing this summer? I can’t believe it’s already August… where did the summer go omg 

The Himchan imagine was awesome like omg how good are u T_T I love it so much! You are awesome!!

jakghajkdh thank you ;; 

I tried with that one and decided I was going to do it that way haha 

Welp, so Jackson from Got7 is slowly taking over my life… This is not good. I keep picturing him whenever I read things and not Daehyun and I’m just like HOLD IT THERE MISSY. Anywho, this is for liliyoo. Oh. That rhymed. Only the best friend would get such a stupid author’s note. This is your plot line, but my true story. I think you remember it. 

            Youngjae eyed the man next to him with some slight apprehension on his face. The old man was coughing excessively and he watched him as he pounded his chest, coughed up the phlegm which he spat into a napkin and folded away into his pocket. ]

            The old man hacked again and then sat back against his seat again. Out of the corner of his eye, Youngjae saw that he was sitting quietly. The train was moving and he wondered where this man was heading in such a rush. There had only been one empty seat and Youngjae, who was tired from only getting three hours of sleep and was a little sick himself, had wanted to sit. But from behind him, there had been a push and then someone slipped past him into the seat.

            To say that he had been miffed wouldn’t be a lie. But he bit his tongue, and let it go. And the elderly man had smiled up at him and mumbled an apology. Whether sincere or not, he still did it so he let it go. Instead, he decided to watch him.

            The man shifted uncomfortably and opened his jacket. From there, he saw gauze and more gauze. This observation made Youngjae feel uncomfortable and he wondered if it had been purely out of desperation that had made the man act so rudely. And the man adjusted the gauze and opened up the jacket a little more. From his angle looking down, he could see a thin tube going into an inner pocket.

            The tube was filled with blood and he clutched onto the bar. Something made him watch the man again. He looked ill, now that Youngjae looked at him. His eyes had dark circles under them and he had an almost defeated look to him. The man coughed and the others around them shifted in annoyance and Youngjae felt almost superior in his knowledge. If the others knew that the man next to them causing the raucous was actually sick, would they still react the same way?

            Youngjae watched him as he took out a bunch of crackers. He ate one, nibbling on it and there was a morbid thought where he wondered, what if this was the man’s final meal? It was a measly last supper, he decided and then hit himself mentally for even thinking about it. The man adjusted his jacket and closed his eyes, and he saw the yellowing skin.

            At the next stop, the seat next to him opened up and Youngjae slid into the vacant spot. Sitting next to the deathly ill man, he felt an aura that he must be imagining. He glanced down and saw that the man’s nails were yellow and brittle and knew that there was some illness there. Youngjae lowered the volume on his music and instead watched the man, all of his own exhaustion evaporated.

            He wondered how it felt like to be living with death. How did it feel to know that you were so sick, sick enough that you may be living every day as the last one? He shuddered, not wanting to really know but the man next to him shifted again and coughed. This time, there were more obvious dirty looks from the other passengers and Youngjae wanted to point them out.

            How would they feel if their body had turned against them and there was nothing they could do about it? How would they feel if they only wanted to live but their own bodies were rejecting them and they had to suffer? He wanted to ask each of the self-righteous people that but sat quietly.

            The old man wiggled a little and he saw a hand go into the jacket to adjust what must be a bag in the inner pocket. The blood and liquid had to drain somewhere. Youngjae sighed and wondered if the man was happy. He wondered if the smile of apology was so sad because he had nothing else to smile about.

            Then Youngjae was looking for a ring, a sign that the man was not alone. His hands were bare and he almost wanted to tap him and ask, “Excuse me, sir, but do you have children?”

            Where were they and why were they not accompanying him when he is on his way to the hospital? He had made up the destination for him; the most obvious one given the elder’s current condition. He almost wanted to be the surrogate grandson but he sat back quietly.

            At the next stop, a central stop where there was a large cancer center, the old man stood up and started to walk away. He had dropped his packet of crackers and out of impulse, Youngjae grabbed his arm. The man turned back in alarm; his door was going to close soon.

            “Sir, you forgot your crackers. Have a good day, please.”

            The old man smiled, the smile came on slowly but it did. And when it did, it revealed a row of broken, cracked teeth and his jacket shifted to show the gauze again but he was smiling. “Thank you.” Their hands touched and Youngjae curled his fingers inward into a semi-hand hold and then they dropped hands and the man slipped through the nearly closing door.

            At the next stop, Youngjae got off. He got off and thought about the old man, thought about his own life and then he stopped thinking about it. He would live his life, and he had touched this man’s life. They had an interaction and he hoped he made a difference. But now it was time for him to go to music practice, and hopefully, the next time he thought about the man, the elder would be in a happier place.

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why hello there~

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Hi, unni ! I haven't talked to you in a while (I think tumblr ate my ask keke) How have you been ?^^ -Anoniekins

hey bb~~ akdgjad how are you enjoying vacation?>

I loved the last one. Dae daddy is so cute lol. I lmao at night ladies. He couldn't even say prostitute lol. Bless his heart.

Daehyun is just a tad bit old fashioned :P

I’m kidding but that was fun ^^

Anonymous asked:
Hi! I'm that anon that sent you the Jongup bday request. Sorry for being inconsiderate, I've never made one before. Plus I still suck at using tumblr and I forgot that I need to go on your page to see it, I'm that hopeless here lol Reading it now...

;~; meep. don’t be sorry. I was honestly just really annoyed at a lot of things and that sort of made me go off too harshly ;;

It’s okay! You’re going to learn how tumblr works haha and you’re super welcome! I’m glad you liked it dear