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I feel like I’ve been reaching this stage for a while already. I’m here to announce a bit of a hiatus. This is so sad because this is the first time I’ve actually done it officially. This week is going to be ridiculously busy and so I’m going to need all the time to do the things I need to.

That said, hiatus doesn’t mean no more stories. I may find time/inspiration to post. I’ll probably just be avoiding answering asks. I think what I’m going to do is turn this into a purely stories blog. You guys don’t really send in messages anymore, so there will be less ask messages cluttering up space. If you do send me a message, chances are I won’t respond for a while.

I’m tired of having this push-pull and I know recently I’ve lost a lot of readership. I know people are reading less, and I know my stories have been eh. To make this less of a hassle, I’m just not going to put so much care into making this an interactive blog. You’ll talk to me if you want to. 

I do still ask that you give me occasional feedback on how I’m doing though. That is still important. If this round still remains as miserable as the last two were, I may just end this blog and write on rare occasions. I haven’t reached that point yet, and if you actually like reading, don’t push me.

I know I write for myself, but I also write for you.

Let’s keep this going as a together project.


Commander J

ninjalemur asked:
14 and 15 ! (for the bias thing)

14. Best thing about my biases.

Well, for the most part, I think they are really real people. I’ve seen a lot of their less good sides (except maybe Dongwoo because WOW he’s pretty close to perfection), and of course their perfection sides. I guess the best part is that they all love children, all have amazing smiles and all have the ability to inspire me haha

15. Worse thing about my biases….




I think Daehyun can be a little superficial sometimes with the whole weight thing and I wish he can be a tad more sensitive especially towards Himjae. Dongwoo…. should wear clothes in the dorm????? I think I don’t know them well enough to outright say what’s good and bad… 

Thank you for always playing with me btw haha you’re like the only one LOL


Anonymous asked:
oops sorry I forgot to sign off my ask last time! Yes it was game anon! The fact that you knew makes me so happy ^^ And thank you for putting me down for a birthday request, I would have totally understood if you declined because I we might not talk enough :( And nono, i didn't mean i sent 3 requests (that's greedy!), I send 3 asks but they never go through so maybe you thought I was ignoring you but I wasn't :( Please please let this go through!

WAH! I wouldn’t decline you haha :P



ajdgadjghadh how are you??

I’ve sort of been taking a social hiatus from this blog so sorry this is so late

robinlst asked:
Hey dear. It seems like I havent talked to you for a while. Sorry about that. Ugh lots of things going on in life. True that B.A.P is not as active IN KOREA but well try to stick with them and us readers. We love you!! I guess there is a point where all of us get tired and wanna stop doing something we like or love. I do too. But I'm sure time is the best cure. I believe one day you will once again pick up the passion you once had for something you really like and enjoy doing. Love you loads ♡♡♡

ajdhgadha ;A; unnie

I’m here hehe I;ve just been sort of detaching from the blog that’s all… and Taiwanese dramas are sucking me in too… haha

I’m excited for B.A.P’s Japanese album but I also wish they can either rest or have a domestic comeback


How is school coming along?

minyoonco asked:
Yeah it felt like forever ago omg. And things are great! I'm just working and leading the boring adult life lol. How are you love???


shh don’t say that… It’ll make me not want to be an adult haha

I’ve been alright. We haven’t talked in so long missy @___@

School is coming along…. I want to get up my GPA though haha



Ask me about my bias(es)

  1. Who are and how did they become your bias(es)?
  2. The first time you saw them
  3. Moments they made you feel embarrassed
  4. Moments they made you feel proud
  5. Moments they made you feel sad
  6. Any ships with them?
  7. Favorite hair/hair-color on them
  8. Favorite concept/MV for…

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I’ve decided to do something really different this time. It may be a little confusing at first but I tried to make it as easy to understand as possible. It was something that hit me and I think it may work?? We’ll see.

Warning: Explicit Content

            The smell of chemicals in the air was making you heady and you coughed a little. From the darkness, the hand you were expecting, grabbed your leg, pinning you to your place on the lab counter. You felt a chill go up your spine and then someone was pressing against you.

            “You made it,” there was the curve of a smirk on your neck. You didn’t respond. He knew you would make it. It was a ritual by now. His hands pressed down your back and slid towards your front. You closed your eyes.

He was giggling behind you, patting on your lab coat. “Where did you put the vial?” he laughed. His hand strayed to your breast and immediately, he pulled away. The loss of his heat was intense.

            “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to,” and he looked so embarrassed.

            You coughed awkwardly but smiled at him anyway. “It’s fine, Himchan. If you had only asked and not ambushed me, we would have avoided this.” But you said it playfully.

            His hands were parting your lab coat and he chuckled softly in your ear as he felt your bare skin. “Good, you listen to instructions well. I knew you were always the best lab partner.” You took a deep breath and leaned slowly into him. Himchan cupped your breasts, his thumb rubbing circles on the sides as he slipped them under your bra strap.

            He sucked on your neck and pushed you off. His arms caught you as he landed softly behind you. One hand slipped down your underwear and he pressed his thumb against your clit. You gasped as he turned you around to face him.

            “Hey, look at me. Do you want to see a magic trick?”

            You were still holding the Bunsen burner so it was with great reluctance that you turned it off and turned to him. “What?”

            In his hand was a vial of clear liquid. He unfurled his other hand over the opening and dark powder slipped into the water. It fizzed for a second before turning a shade of pink. Himchan smiled. “I decided roses were too clichéd, so this pink could represent how much I like you.”

            He tilted your chin up so that he could kiss you. His teeth sunk into your lip and you let out a tiny cry of pain as he drew blood. Himchan’s tongue licked the bead of blood away as he slipped off your lab coat. Your heart pounded as you fumbled with his belt, knowing he liked it when you took charge.

            He tugged on your hair. “Show me some magic,” he smirked as you dropped onto your knees.

            You let his pants fall to the ground and took his enlarged cock in your hand, guiding it towards your mouth. You opened wide to take it in and he let out a soft sigh. After a few licks, he started to thrust and you let your throat fall loose, wincing slightly as the tip grazed the back of your throat.

            He tugged on your hair almost violently and you gave him two hard sucks before pulling away. You rubbed your throat but he had already yanked you to your feet. He slapped your ass and pinned you facedown on the counter.

            You were level with the counter, staring at the tiny crystals being formed in your test tubes when someone slammed behind you, causing your cheek to hit the countertop. “Ow.”

            “Sorry, just wanted to surprise you,” came Himchan’s voice. He was still crushing you with his weight so you wiggled a little. 

            “Himchan gerroff, I can’t bneathe,” you mumbled.

            “What?” he teased playfully. “You can’t what?” But he pulled you up with him, laughing as you rubbed your throat and pretended to gasp for breath.

            He rubbed the insides of your legs softly and you parted them for him obediently. Himchan planted kisses down your back and you felt the rough fabric of his lab coat rubbing against your skin.

            His fingers slipped between your folds and you bit back a moan. You still hurt. He pushed himself into you roughly and you couldn’t stop your cry. He slapped you again and you whimpered. He buried his thickness deeply into you and grunted as he began to move back and forth.

            Himchan held you in his arms as he rocked you side to side. “So, what do you think?”

            “About what?” But you were smiling at him.

            “About moving in with me, of course. What else were we talking about?”

            You smiled and peeked at him. “And why would I do that?”

            He tightened his grip around your waist as his sharp snaps became harder and your stomach dug into the counter. You saw his arm reach past you and heard the tinkling of glass. You closed your eyes, knowing that today would be just as bad as last week.

            He still pounded into you as he brought what he wanted with him. And that was when he turned you around to face him. He pulled out and unstopped the vial. An acidic aroma rose in the air and you stared at him fearfully.

            “Your palm,” he stated.

            You held it out, crying at the anticipated pain, but knowing that you had no choice but to listen to what he had said. Last week’s burns still stung between your legs.

            “Give me your palm,” Himchan smiled.

            You did it shyly and he traced a heart. “Because we have chemistry, duh,” laughing as you hit him for the corny joke.

            He dropped three drips of sulfuric acid on your hand and held it so you couldn’t pull it away. The sizzling sound of burning flesh met your ears as Himchan smiled. “Won’t you look at our chemistry,” he smirked as he pulled you towards him again to do with you however he pleased. 

This is for b2ng. YEAH YOU ♥ It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for you and I know we’ve both been super busy with school and stuff, but ♥ Love you Roffs. I’ll be answering asks tomorrow I believe.

            “Congratulations! You are the winner of the twentieth annual Pick-A-Baby day contest!”

            Yongguk stared at the held out red envelope, and then at you, smiling brightly at him. “Say that again?” he sputtered.

            You plopped down next to him. “Open the envelope!” you urged.

            You watched as Yongguk tore at the seal with shaking fingers. “What in the world are you up to?” he muttered as he finally freed the card inside.

            You had taken pains to make the card perfect and held your breath. You had drawn the outline or a baby and he looked at you with hesitant eyes. When he opened the card out fell a couple of sonogram pictures. He was still trembling as he picked up the three of them.

            Two of the pictures were clearly aged, seeing the yellow edges around them but there was a new one. He fingered the new one and then stared at you. “Are you serious?”

            You grinned mysteriously. “What do you think?”

            Yongguk picked up the card and saw that you had placed both your baby pictures side by side and written, “Will Baby look like mommy or daddy?”

            You blushed deeply as you saw him steal a look at your stomach. Then he turned his attention back to the pictures. You could see his lips were upturned in a huge grin. “What contest did you say this was?” his deep voice had gone up half an octave in his obvious excitement.

            “Well, you get to pick a baby.”         

            “Pick?” He slid an arm around you and hugged you closer as he picked up the baby album you had compiled of the two of you. “How can I pick when it seems like the baby’s already been chosen?”

            Yongguk stared at the sonogram. “How many weeks are you? Why didn’t you tell me?”

            You peered at him, hoping he wasn’t too upset. “I wanted to do something like this to tell you. Remember that day when I went out with my friends? We actually went to the doctor. I’ve been suspecting for a while.”

            He pressed his forehead against yours. “I’m debating whether I should be angry or not. How many weeks along?”

            You held up five fingers. Yongguk’s eyebrows creased. “Hm, that means you’ve been hiding this huge secret from me for five weeks and you think I can forgive you this easily?” He pulled away and crossed his arms, pouting like the five year old he can be when he chose to be. “What are you going to do for me?”

            “Yongguk, if you’re fishing for certain favors…” you warned him and he blinked.

            “No. Maybe you can do a dance or I don’t know, sing for me. Whatever. How are you going to make me not mad?”

            It was your turn to be indignant. “Hey! I’m the mother of your child. You should be pampering me like a princess!”

            “Not until you make it up to me for not knowing about said child’s existence for the first five weeks of its life.”

            You sighed and blew your hair from your face. “Gukkie, forgive me please?” you said in your cutest, sweetest voice. You even batted your lashes for good measure.

            Yongguk’s nose wrinkled. “I felt that all the way down to my toes. That made me shudder.”

            You glared at him. “Bang Yongguk! I didn’t tell you so I could surprise you. It wasn’t like I was keeping it from you to make you angry.

            “I know,” he told you happily. “But I still want to make you suffer a little.”

            Your eye twitched. “Mister, I will be suffering for the next eight months. Unless you want me to pull all your hair out during labor, I suggest you cut me some slack.”

            At this, Yongguk’s expression turned a little more contrite. “In that case,” he amended his words. “I think a very cute expression from you would suffice.”

            You laughed and closed your eyes. You pouted and pursed your lips, simultaneously puffing your cheeks. You brought two fingers to your head and made kitty ears. Yongguk laughed and pulled you in for a kiss.

            “Okay, okay. Now, should we get started on perhaps planning out the nursery and maybe think of names?”

This is for melovesyoseob and ninjalemur and the Anon who played that game with me haha Sorry for the poor quality xP

This is for melovesyoseob and ninjalemur and the Anon who played that game with me haha
Sorry for the poor quality xP

This is for cloudedstarshine. I know you didn’t request anything this time but I decided, why not? You’ve been with me for a while ^^ I hope you enjoy. Guys, what’s going on in Japan… Mato Castle omg all that cross dressing…

            Jongup got up from the table and smiled. “Excuse me, I need to go get ready for a hot date.”

            His friends looked at him and raised their eyebrows. “Wow, I’m impressed. Two kids later and the two of you are still able to find time to go out. Did you get your mom or is this a sitter?”

            Jongup placed his finger on his lips. “Sh, she’s not my wife.”

            Everyone at the table choked simultaneously and Yongguk looked at him. “What in the world are you talking about? Jongup, you can’t possibly be cheating.”

            He smiled mysteriously. “Don’t worry. The wife knows and one hundred percent approves.”

            They glared at him suspiciously. “I don’t know what you’re up to, but if we catch you doing anything unethical…”

            Jongup waved and got into his car and drove home. He found his suit in the closet and put it on, carefully tying his tie. His wife walked in. “Are you wearing the same tie you did when we went on our first date?”

            “How’d you know?” He grinned at her. She snorted and tossed the cologne bottle on him. “Here, put this on. And make sure you comb your hair.”

            He examined himself in the mirror. “Nah, I think she likes the slightly shaggy hair look. She likes pulling it.”

            His wife stared at him and shook her head. “Alright. Up to you. Now leave before you’re late. When are you meeting her?”

            “In five minutes. Wish me luck.”

            “Good luck,” she responded dryly and Jongup walked out the door. He walked down the driveway before turning around on the sidewalk and facing the house. He took a deep breath and walked back up the stairs and ringing the doorbell.

            He waited patiently, his heart beat was going a little quicker than normal. The doorknob turned and he saw the door open slowly. A tiny figure peeked out the crack and then the door was flung open and his daughter flew into his arms.


            Jongup picked her up and gallantly kissed her hand. “Miss Seolbi, would you mind stepping out to the lawn with me?” From behind her, his wife was giggling as she took a video recorder and followed them.

            He placed his daughter in a chair he had set up and picked up a guitar. He cleared his throat and began to sing the lullabies he sang to her when she was still a baby. Seolbi clapped and he reached below the table and brought out her favorite chocolate cake.

            He cut a slice for her and she ate it, licking the fork happily. “Daddy, why aren’t you eating?” she asked. She offered a forkful to him and he ate it. Seolbi giggled as she withdrew the fork.     

            “Finish it,” he told her. “I feel more blessed watching the princess eat than when I’m eating myself.”          

            She swung her legs happily as he took a napkin and wiped the frosting from her lips. “Would you like to play on the swings?” She nodded and Jongup carried her there so she wouldn’t have to get mud on her new shoes. He placed her on the swing and she held on tightly.

            “Remember to push your legs out when you need to and to not open your legs, okay?” Seolbi nodded and Jongup grabbed onto the chain and pulled it back. He started off with a gentle push until she started demanding, “Higher, daddy, higher!”

            He made sure to accommodate her while at the same time ensuring the chain was within his reach in case things got too dangerous. When she finally begged to be put down, he carried her again, this time to a blanket he had set on the grass.

            “Look at the stars,” he pointed each one out to her and she repeated the words after him, learning the pronunciations slowly. As night slowly fell, she leaned her head against his arm and Jongup felt her breathing slow.

            He kissed her on her forehead. “Is Miss Seolbi tired?”

            She nodded sleepily and he stood up and carried her back into the house. Jongup dressed her in her pajamas and tucked her into her bed. She would take a bath when she woke up, he decided.

            He went into his room and stretched. It had been a fun but tiring day. His wife was sitting on the bed, reading and she looked up. “How was it?”

            “Almost as nice as our first date.”

            She grinned and threw a pillow at him. “Look at you, treating our baby girl so sweetly. She’s going to appreciate it when she remembers as she gets older.”

            Jongup flopped on the bed, landing on her lap. He closed his eyes. “She better,” he mumbled. “I plan on doing this until she gets a boyfriend, and maybe even after, just so he can learn from the best.”