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I just wish it weren’t so repetitive all the time though @___@ it literally is just a few phrases repeated ajhgajdgha 

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That's a relief ! I didn't disappear I promise ! ;; I didn't start yet, I start at the end of the month~ but I'm taking classes to start a Communications major^^ although I'm struggling with my schedule bc my counselor wasn't much help to a kid who doesn't know what she has to take /sighs I hope I can change classes (bc most are full) and if not I hope the 2 classes I'm taking will count for something ! ;A; How has your college been~? ^^ -Anoniekins

HEY SOrry for taking FOREVER to respond but life yeah

ajghajhga Communications sounds like a lot of fun!

How are classes right now??

School is as always school haha 


Hi cutie ^_^/

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I haven't heard from you in forever. ;(

HEY! I’m doing better, much better. This blog still makes me kind of a little sad thinking back on all the better memories, but I’m personally happy in my life right now.

There are always a few bumps in the road but I’m mentally stronger I think. Just trying to survive school haha

and you? are you ready for your internship even though it’s still a few months away? how are classes?

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Hiiii d u not take ff requests anymore??? :c (but btw reaaaaaalllyyyy cool blog ) aharddaejongshipper....

Requests are closed for now and should open in January… I hope… 

thanks haha



Feeling loads better this weekend so hopefully I’ll be writing more. I really do appreciate all of you, even though I seem like I’ve lost a lot of the passion. I still really appreciate and love each of you who remain by my side. Just ignore the caption… I couldn’t find the gif without it.

            There were moments when I would question the sanity of women, and this was one of them. I stared at her, pleading silently with my eyes but no matter what I did, nothing would get her to let me pass to her.

            “Sweetheart, please, I need to get you to safety.”

            “If you had been honest with me from the start, you wouldn’t need to get me to safety. Who the hell are you, Yongguk?”

            “I’ll explain once we get home. Please. We don’t have much time left. Youngjae can only hack into their system for so long. We have twenty minutes left.”

            “Good, then you can use fifteen to explain to me right now why exactly we are in this unpredicted situation. Go on. I have time.”

            “No, we do not have time. Think about the kids.”

            My dear wife glanced at the two children tied up next to her and she glared at Himchan and Daehyun who shrunk a little under her angry gaze. “They can take them first. We need to have a long chit chat, my dear husband.

            I sighed. The italics in her voice were scaring me. I gave the nod to Himchan and Daehyun and they started to unbind the two children. Yongwon stirred. “Daddy!”

            I smiled at him. “Shh, and go with Uncle Daehyun. Daddy will be there. And don’t make a sound okay?” I saw his eyes widen with fear but he did as instructed. I made sure they were gone before turning to her.

            She was still determinedly sitting with her bound hands against the wall and piercing me with those angry eyes. “Alright, explain. Who are you, what do you do with your life and why must I find out the hard way that my husband isn’t who I thought he was?”

            I sighed and knelt down. “Let me at least try to get you out while I talk, okay?”

            “What if I don’t like your explanation?”

            “Do you want us to get killed?” I was reaching my limit.

            “I’m not going back with someone I don’t know, Yongguk. Is that even your real name?”

            Deep breaths. I stood and she stared defiantly back. Over my earpiece, I heard Youngjae’s frantic, “Hyung, you have ten minutes! The system is about to override my coding and it’s going to set off the alarm. I have Jongup tailing them but so far they’re unaware. What the hell are you doing?”

            I got on my knees. “Honey, please. Let’s talk about this at home.” I could sense that she was going to yell so I quickly covered her mouth. “You do not want to set off the sensors here.”

            Her nostrils flared and I knew that for a moment she wanted to scream. But the moment passed and she whispered harshly, “The story. Short version is fine.”

            “I’m part of an underground group and we deal with tracking black market gangs.”

            “You mean you’re part of a gang?” Her voice was starting to hike up the octaves and I muffled her mouth.

            “Yes, no. I don’t quite think we can be called that but our job is to dismantle as many black market dealings as we can. I didn’t tell you because things like this can happen. I don’t know how they found me but we’re going to fix that. I need to know how many know our information.”

            “You’re ridiculous. How long have you been doing this?”

            “Since before we met.” I started to undo the knots on her arm. It was a relief that she didn’t resist like before.

            “So that’s practically ten years. You’ve been hiding this, but then those that mean that your company is all fake?”

            “Again, yes and no. I use the company as a base and then this is normally taken care of under the tables.” I couldn’t work with the knives so I took a razor. “Don’t move.”

            After I had freed her hands, I started working on the binding on her legs. “How did they get to you?”

            “I don’t know. I opened the door to some guy claiming to be the mailman and was stabbed with something. I can’t believe you, Yongguk.”

            “I’m sorry,” I muttered hurriedly.    

            “Hyung! Three minutes. Hurry! It takes you five minutes to fully leave premises.”

            I stared around. Knowing that I’d rather set off the alarm now and save time than wait, I grabbed her by the waist. “Trust me,” I told her.

            “How can I?” came her sassy response but that was drowned in a scream as I took a running jump and slammed out the windows. Glass cut into my skin but I covered her to make sure she was okay. The windows led to a back shortcut and I carried her as I ran to the van.

            “Are you crazy?” she screamed once I started the engine. I spared her one glance. There was one cut on her cheek but otherwise she was fine. “You’re bleeding everywhere!”

            I looked at myself in the rearview mirror. “Just minor cuts. Let me drive to our hideout.”

            “Where are the kids?”

            “Don’t worry. Daehyun and Himchan have them.”

            She took a deep breath. “I should get out. I don’t even know why I’m in this car with you.”

            “I’m still your husband. I’m still Bang Yongguk whether you knew what I did for a living or not.” She screamed and I nearly slammed the brakes out of sudden worry. “What?”

            “We’ve been living off of gang mafia money!”

            I love her, I really do. But times like this, I would love for her to just shut her mouth. “Sweetheart, babe, no. The company is still legitimate. This is just extra.”

            She closed her eyes and I saw her lips moving fervently in prayer. “I think I much prefer being tied up, blissfully not knowing my husband is some mafia boss.”

            “I wish I were a mafia boss. That’d make what I do seem so much cooler.” But I quickly stopped when I saw the daggers she was throwing my way. “I mean, look, what happened today will never happen again. We’re going to move and we’re going to stay on the down low.”

            “Move? You want to uproot our lives?”

            “Not far. But just not that house. We’re going to up our security. I promise, I’m going to keep you safe.”

            She was inhaling deeply and shaking her head. “I’m crazy, I must be going crazy,” she kept muttering.

            “You’re not.”

            She looked at me as I pulled into the garage underneath the hideout. “Remind me why I’m not demanding a divorce right now?”

            I grinned. That was definitely a good sign. And not caring that everyone had gathered to welcome us back, I grabbed her and kissed her. “Because admit it, you do like the fact that you’re married to a mafia boss.”

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I love you. You dont have to reply, but I hope this made you smile, beautiful. Thank you for everything.


this is really the nicest message I’ve gotten in the longest time. This literally gives me so many fuzzy feelings inside and I’m so happy I still have readers like you. I’m sorry I’ve been so distant and so flippant with treating you guys but know that I always love you guys even when sometimes I feel like you’ve all left me.

I really appreciate all the kind messages and the happiness I do bring when I do.

Thank you.


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For the ask me about my bias questions, I choose to ask #2!!! Looking forward to your answer! You're awesome btw! Keep up the writing! <3

2. First time you saw the bias


I don’t quite recall but does this mean see in real life or first time I became aware of his existence? Because it’s probably a little bit when my friend was showing me who B.A.P were and then No Mercy teaser… yep.

I fell.. hard. HAHA

First time I actually SAW Daehyun would be when they were filming the MTV session in NY and also the B.A.P concert hehe

ajgajh thank you ;A; I’ve been really bad with interacting with you guys and I apologize 

Thank you for supporting me ♥

- pokes - <3

pokes you back hehe



How are you dearie???

I frequently stalk your scenarios blog @_@

Happy Friday. Finally done with work. Also watching It’s Okay That’s Love and my heart omg. This one is super short, just something to get over.

            “You always take her side! When would you ever listen to me?”

            Zelo shifted uncomfortably as he stared between the two girls. There was absolutely nothing he hated more than getting in between two fighting females. “You know, she’s right this time.”

            ‘Right? What does that mean? It’s fine for her to give you a Valentine’s Day present and ask for a hug? Doesn’t she know that you’re already taken?”

            Zelo reached out a hand to touch her shoulder. “Hey, she should know it doesn’t mean anything even if I gave her a hug.”

            His girlfriend shook him off angrily. “Does she?” She rounded on the girl hiding behind Zelo. “Do you know that even if he gave you a million hugs you mean nothing to him!”

            Zelo didn’t even turn to see how the other girl would react. Instead, he felt an arm grab onto him tightly. “She’s so scary,” he heard the girl whisper from behind him. Zelo closed his eyes and let out a huge sigh.

            “Okay, cut!” came the directions from the director.

            The girl let go of Junhong and immediately dissolved into giggles. “Wow, I’m so lame.”

            His on-screen girlfriend was also laughing. “I think I may have gone off pitch when I was screaming. Gosh, why does my character always get so jealous so easily.” She patted Junhong’s arm affectionately. “Sorry you ended up with such a banshee of a girlfriend.”

            Junhong snorted. “I think I should be questioning Zelo’s own abilities in choosing a girlfriend.”

            The actress besides him rolled her eyes and punched his arm. “Don’t be stupid. Soonmi is perfect when she’s not angry about your cheating ways.”

            “Cheating?! But it was Sunny who gave me the present and asked for the hug. It wasn’t like I was just randomly accepting love from any girl.”

            The three of them laughed as they bent over the script. “Ooooh, there’s a slap in there.” The girl playing the girlfriend looked at her rival. “Just make sure you time it perfectly. Move your face to the right when you see me coming.”

            Junhong pretended to push her out of the way. “How about if I protected her?”

            Playing along, Soonmi brought her fists to her hips. “Ya! Didn’t you say that you weren’t cheating on me? Why would you protect her?”

            Sunny jumped in with her own impromptu lines. “Because clearly I’m ten times worthier than you are.”

            The director walked over and smiled at them. “Are you guys having fun?”

            Junhong shook his head. “I think we may need to talk to the script writer and tell her that we want to make some changes. Say, what if Zelo finally comes to his senses and realizes that Soonmi is really a total witch and decides that Sunny, who has so patiently admired him from afar, is actually the one by him?”

            Soonmi cuffed him over the head. “Hey, be careful you don’t turn this into some melodrama.”

            The director laughed at the two of them and continued walking. “Seeming how into your roles the three of you are, maybe you can just write your own drama.”