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            Himchan didn’t have a leg fetish. No, he absolutely did not. It wasn’t his fault his girlfriend happened to look very very good in miniskirts. He glanced over at the exposed skin and quickly averted his eyes. He didn’t have a leg fetish. He just liked to admire.

            She shifted and his mouth fell open when she crossed her legs. Her smooth calf was now in view and he traced the lean muscle down her entire limb. Her foot was encased in a pair of sleek heels and he admired how toned her legs were. He just wanted to reach out and run a hand down-

            “Kim Himchan!” He jerked his head up and their eyes met. She looked half annoyed and half amused. “Were you staring at my legs again?”

            He shook his head. “No. Read your book. You have a lot of work and I’m not sleeping until you do, so you’ll have to hustle unless you don’t mind my staying up all night.”

            She scrunched her nose at him and went back to concentrating on her work. Himchan, on the other hand, allowed his eyes to wander again. He sighed and forced himself to focus on his own homework. He drew out the blueprint diligently, cursing the life of the architecture student. His pencil rolled off the table and he bent to pick it up and her leg was right in front of him.

            He mentally traced the shapeliness of her thigh which tapered into her knees and then her flawless shin. A squeak escaped from him as he pictured her legs around his waist when he picked her up. She coughed again and he slowly raised his head. They made eye contact and he quickly diverted his gaze back to his paper.

            Himchan held up his pencil. “Got it,” he muttered as he erased a stray mark furiously. She clucked her tongue and he chose to ignore her. Let her think what she wants. He had a girlfriend fetish, not a leg fetish. He wasn’t that weird.

            After a few more strokes, Himchan placed down the writing tool and put his head on the table. He watched as she started to type into her computer, flipping rapidly through her books and he sighed. He played with his fingers and casually allowed his eyes to drop down the table.

            She was shaking her legs as she thought and Himchan’s tongue came out involuntarily. With each movement, her shorts slid up higher, exposing more skin and he gulped.

            Then he saw stars. There was a bump on is head as he tried to orient himself. She had hit him with her book. Himchan groaned. “What’s the meaning of this?”
            She didn’t respond but he knew. He was caught. “You know, it’s not my fault that I focus on skin. It’s not really your legs I like, I’m just worrying about how much skin you’re actually exposing.”

            “Put your tongue away.” He stopped talking and placed his head back down on the table. This time he made sure to keep his eyes squeezed shut. He heard his girlfriend sigh and then something landed on his lap.

            He opened his eyes and saw that she had placed her legs on him. Himchan looked at her. “Give me a massage?” she requested.

            He grinned and began to work out the nerves on her calves. She smiled and rolled her eyes. She leaned forward and typed something on her computer then turned it over to let him see. On the bottom of her finished essay, she had added, “After analyzing Freud for the entire essay, I now understand why my boyfriend has a leg fetish.”

            Himchan dropped her leg and protested, “I do not!”

            She raised an eyebrow and hit the submit button, and that sentence, along with the knowledge, was now free in all of cyberspace.

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Hi sweetie! Hows college treating u this semester? Sorry i havent dropped any feedbacks on your previous oneshots, been going crazy cos of school, exams, and bap. Im so not ready to see bap again lol but at the same time im excited! -ANG.

hey unnie~ how are you? haha I know. School is crazy crazy I’m surprised I’m still alive @___@

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I'm so stressed out and upset right now, I've spent the last week trying not to breakdown and cry. -Anoniekins (btw your recent oneshots were super cute and helped me get away for just a little bit thank you)


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I don’t really know how to describe this one. I hope everyone had fun at LOE. I guess this is a slice of life and I hope people can take something away from this. 

            There was a streak across the sky and the ground was ablaze before the boom sounded. There were screams everywhere and the dirt shot into the air and into his eyes. Jongup coughed and a drop of blood came up. He winced and lowered himself on the ground, trying to keep himself as flat as he could.

            He wiped his mouth and got his gun ready. The helmet on his head barely helped to protect him from the falling debris. Everywhere around him, there was the sound of men moaning and it was when the alarm stopped sounding that he knew the danger was over. For now at least.

            He stood up and his legs nearly collapsed underneath him. The bombing had been so unexpected and the casualties were devastating. Jongup looked around and felt the vomit rise in him. Everywhere, body parts and human remains were scattered on the ground and he fought the urge to cry. Even with three months into the war, he was still not used to the carnage.

            Jongup bent and picked up the unharmed weapons. He turned them in his hands and felt the ghostly weight of the people who had held them just previously. Around him, paramedics were trying to rescue those that they could but he felt the hopelessness of it all. The way was going on way too slowly and there wasn’t even a countdown because nobody could see an end in sight.

            “Jongup, come over here.” His commander’s deep voice cut through his thoughts and he was immediately alert. The leader was standing in front of a pile of bodies and he sighed. Please don’t make him be on identification duty. There was nothing more disgusting and sad than having to sift through the remains and try to figure out who the people were. It was bad enough that the empty barracks would be indication enough, being the identifier meant knowing before everyone else did.

            The commander did not order him to identify the bodies. Instead, he held out a chain of dog tags and then a familiar silver chain. Jongup’s heart pounded and he felt his mouth turn dry. He recognized the chain and he took it from the officer in charge with shaking hands. The commander was quiet and then clapped Jongup on the shoulder.

            “I’m sorry,” he mumbled. In the military loss was a way of life. Personal losses were attended to for only a split second and then the soldier was expected to once more strengthen his mental psyche and continue fighting.

            He forbade himself from crying in front of the people who were watching and closed a fist tightly around the necklaces. He turned sharply on his heel and made sure he did not look down at the pile of bodies. The last thing he needed to see was his best friend’s face mutilated.

            It was hard for him to walk into the tent that they shared. Sitting on the opposite bunk was another soldier and he was shaking as he cried. Judging by his reactions, Jongup could only guess that they were going to be receiving two new roommates by the end of the day. He began to mechanically strip Junhong’s bed.

            The man sitting across from him looked up and he could see the hardening in his eyes. “Not Junhong too?” When Jongup didn’t answer, he slammed the bedpost. “Those bastards. Each day, we’ve always been on defense, when would we be able to attack first?”

            Jongup was still quiet and his companion left, cursing. Finally left alone, he allowed a trail of tears of fall from his eyes but the moment the liquid got on the pillow case he was holding, he wiped it off and tried to control himself. Junhong would not want to see him weak. But then again, the kid had always been against the war.

            He took down the posters of beaches and cars that the younger boy had put up, his hopes and dreams after his enlistment period was over, and rolled them up. He knew Junhong had a brother and he also knew that it was his responsibility to get the belongings to them. But as he was packing up, he picked up the photo album that he had brought.

            Jongup sat down and flipped through the pages and saw the old pictures of the tall, smiling young man. He coughed and turned to the last filled pages. There were multiple pictures of the two of them, in their uniforms, on break, smiling and encouraging one another. He took one of the pictures and kept it for himself. He would like to remember the boy.

            After the bottom bunk was stripped of all reminders of its previous owners, Jongup brought the possessions to the head office. The technicalities made him gag. The people in charge treated him as another casualty, another number, but Junhong had been a person. He had been a breathing, thinking, laughing human being and that angered Jongup.

            It was the anger that made him go mad. He slammed his hands down on the table. “When will he buried? Will he be given all honors?”

            The secretary didn’t even look up. “Yeah, we’re going to get all the procedures done and there will be the honorary burial. We’ll be informing his parents soon.”

            “Do you even know who you’re burying? Will we get to say things?”

            The man finally looked up and pushed his glasses up his nose. “Officer,” he squinted as he read Jongup’s nametag. “Moon, this is the military. Anything can happen when we’re being sentimental. Grieve in peace but we don’t have the luxury to be dwelling on death. It happens every day, sir.”

            On a whim, he took out his gun and shot at the war. The people jumped and a couple of bodyguards came towards him. “What if I had hurt someone then? What if it were one of your colleagues? Would that be okay too? Would it also be just another casualty?” Jongup was seething; the words were barely making it out of his mouth.

            There was a silence and then the commander walked in. “Officer Moon,” he called out and Jongup saluted him. “Come.”

            It was only outside, sitting with the sympathetic commander, that Jongup finally allowed himself to mourn his best friend. He clutched Junhong’s tags to him and vowed to live for him.

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Your Zelo oneshot is simply beautiful~

thank you so so much! ♥ it was a lot of fun writing that

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I'm mostly a silent reader, but I wanted to drop by and tell you how much I love your fics man I come to this blog when I feel sad and always end up leaving happy :')) you're amazing! Keep being amazing ;3;

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thank you so so much for your kind words 

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Rawr ! First u made me like daehyun and now u make me like yongguk... Arggg T-T my heart is hurting from the feels (im sorry junhong ahhh).... I really like the yongguk bday one u wrote :D like so much !! The feels it gave were almost the same as the one u told yongguk u were pregnant.. I cant find it anymore T-T anyways .. Shower u with kisses ! RAWR !! - Peppermint anon

oh ho ho ;D How are you bb? akdhgdajghadghahga

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Procrastinating because who wants to write an essay? T___T I should though if I want to be able to do well. So updating here and then leaving~ I’ll admit, I had a lot of fun writing this mwahaha 

            Youngjae woke up with a splitting headache. He let out a sigh and rubbed his head in pain. He was never going to get drunk again. Ever. That was simply not an option in his set of life choices to make anymore. He was going to live his life happily and never touch that dreaded thing called alcohol again.

            He sat up and felt a slight breeze across his body and his heart pounded for a moment. He was pretty sure he slept with clothes on. Generally, because the occasional malfunctioning air conditioner left him with no choice. It was only spring and there was no way he would need to get naked for the sole purpose of preserving his body temperature.

            Youngjae quickly slid on pants and that was when the memories struck him like a lightning bolt. He let loose a torrent of curses and began to search for the evidence. He only found messy sheets, a faint scent that should never belong to any man and then the torn condom wrapper on the floor.

            The curses grew more profane and louder by the second as he sat on his chair and tried to gather his bearings. He went out to a bar last night and drank a lot of vodka, that was a fact. He also recalled another girl plopping next to him. She had started speaking to him first and they had flirted. He briefly remembered trying to impress her with his history jokes. She had laughed, so he must have succeeded.

            He shook his head. Youngjae, focus! He stared at the mirror on his table and grimaced. There was a bright hickey on his neck. She had been vicious, a storm in bed though, his body recalled. Youngjae blushed brilliantly and smacked himself over the head. He had to evaluate. This was why alcohol was bad. It causes one to make decisions one will regret later, even if it’s a decision most likely not remembered.

            Other than the sex, quite nice if he allowed himself that one bit, he also briefly recalled seeing that she had an ID. And this started the panic attack. He stood up and began to scramble his room, hoping she had left the ID here. Maybe that would put him at ease.

            His heart pounded and his mouth went dry. Youngjae squeezed his eyes shut and prayed that he could be able to keep his job. He tapped his fingers against the counter and started to shave, slowly ruminating over the events. The ID was definitely from the university he worked in. He couldn’t see whether she had been a student or a professor and there lied the problem.

            If she was a professor, then this could be either the most awkward situation ever or a budding romance. If she was a student, however, then he was literally screwed. Or figuratively, because to literally screw would be what he did last night… and once again he scolded himself for letting his mind wander.

            “Your job is at stake!” he hissed to himself. “Stop thinking with your dick and start thinking with your head, you idiot.” He drank two glasses of orange juice to try and de-stress but he could still feel the panic rising. He remembered her face fairly clearly. If he saw her, he would do mission abort and avoid.

            When he arrived on campus, Youngjae scanned the crowd but didn’t see her. He let loose a small sigh of relief and headed to his office. He scanned the cubbies but didn’t recognize any of them. Surely he would know the colleagues in his own department. She must be in another department. She better be.

            Youngjae went through his day, feeling a small punch of panic whenever he saw a girl of similar build but not running into her at all. He had a staff meeting at the end of the day with all the teachers through the humanities department and prepared himself for listening to some pompous people try to spew their expertise.

            The meeting was already underway when he walked in and the senior teachers glared at him. He bowed and sat down. He tried to remain alert as they droned on and on. Suddenly there was an interruption.

            When he saw the newcomer, his mouth went dry. She smiled at the room and his eyes glanced down to her legs. He remembered how shapely they were. “Sorry, I completely forgot there was a meeting.” She bowed again and those pervy old bats didn’t even scold her. She walked towards the back of the room and sat next to him.

            Youngjae immediately straightened and cleared his throat. He readjusted his glasses and stared straight ahead. The meeting continued. Once or twice, he would send furtive glances her way. It made his heart skip twice too many times when he saw that she had crossed her legs and her shorts slid higher. How rebellious, he admired, to wear shorts when skirts were the norm.

            When the meeting finally adjourned, they stood simultaneously. He awkwardly put on his coat and wondered whether to linger and ask her questions but decided against it. That would bring back last night and he was sure he was the only one savoring the memories.

            She turned to him and her sharp eyes fell on his neck. Almost too late, he remembered the still bright bruise she had left. Her lips curved into a pleased smirk and he almost wished that he wouldn’t be so socially inept. Her finger reached out to tap the mark.

            “Oops, sorry about that.” His mouth fell open and she leaned in closer so that none of the other professors could hear. “You can do that to me tonight if you like. An eye for an eye, a hickey for a hickey.”