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This is for eyesthatsing. I know requests are opening soon but gosh darn it, I’m not ready. I’m not ready to face a whole list of one hundred plus requests, of things that I’ll have to force out, of things that I may not be able to write. I’m sorry. This overwhelming feeling just overcame me and I don’t know. I’m sorry guys. Let’s carry on. I also have this on replay. Good job Kris ♥ 

            He picked at the scab on his skin and felt the dry skin flake off under his nails. He flicked them off and once more his fingers found the dry spot that was on his cheek.

            “Daehyun! What are you doing?”

            He felt a strong grip pull his hand away from his face and was met with the face of his disgruntled but concerned stylist. She glared at him. “If you keep picking at your face, do you think it’ll get better?”

            “No,” he mumbled. “But I hate it.”

            She wheeled his chair around so that he was facing the mirror. Daehyun closed his eyes. He didn’t want to see himself looking the way he did. She tutted in impatience and touched his temples. “Open your eyes.” He refused and she looked around. Nobody was in the room. “Open your eyes and tell me how my eyes look.”

            “What?” At this odd request, his own eyes flew open. He winced visibly when he saw the pink and silvery scales on his face. But he looked at her eyes in the mirror. “They’re fine.”

            “Are they?”

            He stared a little harder. “Yeah. Why?”

            She pointed at her left eye. “I had retina tissue tearing and that turned into a whole big mess. It was just when I was getting ready to go into cosmetic college. I thought I would go completely blind because it turned out that the tissues were so badly damaged, I couldn’t see. I was afraid of it happening to the other eye. It had to do with complications from a medication I had taken. I was scared.”

            Daehyun was quiet. His hand, once more, went to his face. But rather than pick at the scarring, he was now stroking it, feeling the contrasting surfaces of smooth and scaly. He was focused on her, however. She took his hand away. “Don’t touch it. It’ll make it worse.”


            “They managed to save whatever they could but they had to insert a glass eye. They couldn’t save my sight in this eye, and I think rotting eyeball would be even more disgusting to deal with. I was scared, and angry. The whole time when they kept my eye wrapped under bandages, I was angry. I couldn’t move in case I tore more tissue, but I wanted to roll my eyes in rage, to scream. I saw my dreams come crashing down around me, and I couldn’t take it.”

            He shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “I can’t go on with this skin. Idols are supposed to be perfect. They aren’t supposed to be peeling and flaking. It’s going to get to my scalp, and then I won’t be able to dye my hair because the spots would hurt. My nails would be difficult to keep in control without them looking gnarled. My entire image will be ruined.”

            “Daehyun, I still went to beauty school. I decided that I’d rather see a person with one eye and a whole new perspective than to see nothing with my own despair. I still could see and I still could do magic with my hands. I wanted to make people look beautiful, and so I pushed myself. Was it hard? Yes, but it worked. Haven’t I been keeping you up there as visual for nearly three years?”

            “That was because you had a template to work with. I can’t look at myself now without wanting to gag. I can’t see the skin peeling off and the dry flakes fall onto my pillowcase without wanting to give up.”

            “You aren’t listening to me.” She once more smacked his hand away from his face. “Look at me.”

            It was the commanding tone in her voice that made him obey more than anything.  “You still have your voice, right?” He nodded slowly. “Isn’t that your dream? To be a singer? Didn’t you make that dream come true? Didn’t you say yourself that you went from a kid who just liked to sing to an artist who was performing on the big stages?” Again, he was dumb. She plowed on. “You are living your dream, and I am living mine. Do you think I, who can work magic on anything, will let something like a skin disease to get in the way of your dream?”

            Daehyun’s mouth opened and he closed it again, no words able to come out. He swallowed and she could see the tears that were threatening to fall. “As for your hair, we can use chalk. This way you can change up whenever you want. For your nails, we’ll have to take medication. For your face, makeup can do wonders. But Daehyun, you know when you look underneath the dry skin, there’s still you.”

            “Me?” he asked hoarsely, and she smiled impishly.

            “Yes, you. The Jung Daehyun with the devastatingly good looks who can make fan girls swoon. You still can, you know. A little marring of the skin isn’t going to take away the good bone structure and the charisma.”

            She pointed at her glass eye. “And just like how you said I looked fine, so do you.”

            Finally, he smiled. And when he did, it brightened up the room. She beamed at him and he curled his fingers on the arms of his chair. “Okay,” he breathed. He looked at her in the mirror and smiled widely. The scars could hardly be seen. “Okay, work your magic.”

Totally cute. I love cute himchan. Thank you. And I love to cook so win win! Im glad you're doing well. :-)

:D good 

I hope your birthday went well?

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Am I still breathing? Am I still alive? *touches herself to check* YOU! Do you think this is a game? who allowed you? WHO ALLOWED ZELO? Who allowed the bunch of grapes? NO! *screams* you can't do this to me you hate me admit it ADMIT IT ;__; Miss sweetie thanks for ruining even further my already hard and perverse life I appreciated (DON'T DO THIS AGAIN my breathing is still not regular) Really THANK YOU I don't care about the change of the plot 'cause omg this is way better ♥♥♥ -Jellie anon-




Well for now the weather isn't really great :( But i'm going on holidays next week~ Ooooooh btw the last b.a.p attack was so amsjfjdkfjskdfjdj i can't believe i enjoyed watching daehyun eating for 13 minutes haha


uh I may have watched that video like five times LOL

I don’t know how I withstood the stupidity and idiocy that was Daehyun, Youngjae and Jongup…

It also made me really nostalgic for Taiwan @_@ 

Hope you guys are doing well. I won’t be updating tomorrow because I need to get out early and do things all day. I’ve figured out the rest of the schedule, and I hope you guys will have. I won’t be having as long a hiatus as I had thought, just 3 days before requests open on the 7th.

Youngjae has been designated as the babysitter. On this bright Sunday morning, he was currently playing chauffer, disciplinarian and teacher. The four kids were sitting in the back, each louder than the next while he drove. Once in a while, he would look up at the mirror and see someone asleep while the other three chatted animatedly.

            It was a mark of B.A.P’s friendship that even after they had children of their own, each of them shared the responsibility. For now, it was only four kids but who knew what would happen once the maknae line got married. Each month, one of them would take turns bringing the children to an event and taking care of them.

            Youngjae was currently on his way to a science fair. He knew that the three older boys would be interested and Jaylie, Daehyun’s daughter, would be happy wherever her oppas were. He looked up at the mirror and chuckled to himself to see the little girl drifting off into sleep, clearly uninterested in what the other three had to say about super-sized magnetic robots with firing rockets as arms.

            “Alright kids! We’re here. Remember, we’re going to every exhibit together. You are not to wander off,” and he glared at Yongwon and Himjong, both boys who, now that they could freely walk and talk, often took the opportunity to run by themselves. “You will stick with all of us. We’re going to only touch the things that we can, and if you have any questions, you can ask me or the person behind the display.”

            The science fair was located in a huge children’s museum and Youngjae almost regretted his decision. Children were running everywhere and he saw Yongwon bounce, itching to join. Youngjae steered the child away from temptation and into a quieter, darker room.

            Glow in the dark objects absorbed their attention and Youngsuk pointed at a tank that was completely dark. “What is this?”

            The lady standing behind it smiled. “Think of this as a fish tank for creatures that like darker places. If you want to have a hermit crab, for example, you can place it here. If you look through this glass, you can see that there are actually tiny built in lights to simulate their shell and normal environment.”

            The boys oohed and ahhed and Youngjae felt a small tug on his hand. Jaylie looked up at him with imploring eyes and pointed at the tank. Smiling slightly, he bent to pick her up so that she could see what everyone else was admiring.

            There were more hands-on displays, with an invention of a type of cement that could be molded into anything and then remixed once sugar water was added. Youngsuk had a lot of fun encasing Jaylie’s hand and then breaking the cast away. The boys insisted on going on a mini car ride that had the cars controlling themselves and every time the cars flipped over, there would be a cushion that rose over their heads to keep from brain damage.

            When they went outside to see more exhibits, even Youngjae found himself intrigued. These were more inventions and he picked up what appeared to be a necklace. “What is this?” he asked.

            The teenage boy who had made it smiled. “Put it on her,” he pointed at Jaylie.

            Youngjae did but cautiously, unsure if this was a necklace that would seize up and choke her or not. You never knew with pyschos these days. At first nothing happened, and then the necklace began to turn color. The kids gathered around to admire it and the boy smiled. “This is an indicator of temperature. You can tell if your child has fever or not with this and if you count the pearls, each pearl represents one tenth of a degree so you can calculate the temperature of your child.” It was smart, but a little unnecessary but Youngjae had to give the kid points for creativity.

            Yongwon and Himjong had found an invention that shot out ice pellets at people and were currently having a gun fight with it. “Argh! Take that!” While Youngjae was keeping an eye on them, however, he realized that the two younger children had wandered away.

            He quickly grabbed Yongwon and Himjong, afraid to lose more of them. “Youngsuk! Jaylie!” he called, and the two children chimed in as well. They walked around the park, searching among the other children and the stands until finally, they found the two of them curled on a bench.

            Youngjae breathed a sigh of relief and then Himjong snickered. “Youngsuk loves Jaylie.” He sang under his breath. His best friend caught his eye and started singing the same thing. Youngjae shushed the two but couldn’t help but wonder. Youngsuk, who usually hated to be sat on, had allowed Jaylie to lean her head on his lap while he slept sitting up.

            He quickly snapped a picture, vowing to show Daehyun later, and then woke the two of them up. Jaylie was still sleepy so Youngjae held her while the three boys continued to run around and look for more dazzling toys that were on display.

            At the end of the day, when the fair was closing, Youngsuk ran back to Jaylie with a bow in his hand. “Here! Daddy, this will keep her hair up without falling.”

            Youngjae smiled happily and snapped the bow into her hair, surprisingly pinning back even the wispy baby hairs. He gathered the kids and put them in the backseat and glanced at them as one by one, their chatter diminished and they fell asleep. He was a good babysitter, he decided. And when he saw Youngsuk’s hand tucked in Jaylie’s, he was a good matchmaker too, he decided. 

Happy Birthday to littlepinky82. HA I didn’t forget :P I want to wish you all the happiness and I guess I just wanted to tell you that this summer has been a big growing curve for me and I think I’m in a slightly better mental state than I was. 

            It was a cook-off and Himchan had no idea what he was going to make. He stared at the ingredients on the counter and wondered if he could just mince them and mix it all together. “I know what you’re thinking, Himchan, and the answer is no.”

            He looked at his partner and grimaced. “But how do we make anything good from this? This is literally kimchi, a hunk of marinated beef and some other things.”

            “We can work wonders if we put our minds to it,” she answered. “I thought you were the one who cooked in the dorms?” She arched her brow at him.

            Himchan stuttered a little. “Well, yes but that is only because the ingredients I want to use are available.”

            “We’ll make a really simple wrap.”

            “With what?”

            She held up a dark package. “Seaweed.”

            “Would it even hold?” Himchan took the seaweed and looked at the materials they had to work with. An idea came to his head and he grinned. “How about we make first class kimbap?”

            They shared a look and she nodded. “Alright. Do you want to start with the rice? This is going to be the best fast food they’ve ever had.”

            With a renewed vigor in their steps and a happier outlook on their prospects, Himchan went to get the rice cooker. He hummed happily and stole looks at the other teams who were chopping and mincing at top speed. His partner came his way with a frazzled look on her face.

            “I don’t know how to cut the kimchi small enough to make it fit.”

            He rolled up his sleeves. “You take care of the rice. I will get the kimchi.”

            He took out a package and then a large butcher knife and looked at the hunk of vegetable. The bulkiness of the cabbage made it difficult and so Himchan carefully separated the fatter parts from the thinner parts and started slicing it vertically. Soon he had a pile of decent enough strips of kimchi.

            She walked over, saw what he had done, and kissed him on the cheek. “You are a miracle worker.”

            He blushed furiously and to cover his embarrassment, looked at the rice she had brought. “Do we wait for that to cool a little?”

            “Yeah, can you cut the beef into thin strips too?”

            He twirled the knife. “Watch the son of a barbeque restaurant owner at work.” With expert skill cultivated from a young age, he sliced the meat readily until they were the perfect size to be rolled up into the kimbap.

            She cut the pickled radish and then they added vinegar to the rice and mixed. He watched her work and then set out the seaweed for her. She began to place everything neatly into the rolls and he helped roll it up and cut them into bite size pieces.

            Himchan held a sample to her lips and she ate it, savoring the flavor. “Yum! This is a good idea. The taste is perfect. We have a little bit of sweet and spicy in here.”

            Other teams were gathering like flies, milling around the two of them. Himchan stood protectively in front of his plate. “Ya! Go back to your steaming soups and rice dishes. This is for later.”

            When the food was being presented, Himchan stood in front of their dish and awaited judgment. The judges walked around, tasting the food, nodding and smacking their lips. They stopped at the kimbap and smiled.

            “This is quite unusual. Usually people would think of putting on their stoves and boiling water. Hmm, unusual ingredients. So this is a strong-flavored kimbap?”

            “We decided to make it a little stronger in flavor and because the ingredients are all gourmet, this is more high class.”

            Himchan watched as the judge brought the kimbap to his mouth and ate. There was a satisfied smile on his face and he wrote something down on his notepad.

            Himchan sidled up to his partner. “Do you think we just won?”

            She grinned and shrugged. “Who knows but I sure as heck don’t see him writing down anything else for other people.”

            And when they were presented with the ribbon, Himchan picked her up and twirled her around. When she finally caught her breath, she tiptoed and kissed his cheek. “We make a good team.”

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I friggin love you guys okay. I'm fairly new to your blog, but God I'm so glad I found it! Can anybody make a one shot request?

aha welcome to the blog!

It’s just run by me, Commander J so good to meet you!

I take requests but requests aren’t open right now. It’ll be opening August 7th so keep an eye out because normally requests are open for a day before things fill up. 

Man this theme really seems to be reoccurring lately.. I hope you guys will like this one. I sort of wrote it in a hurry but I wanted to update for you guys. Enjoy and love lots~

            The cars drove by, some quietly, some obnoxiously, revving their engines and roaring away. Jongup checked his watch and looked at the streets below. He waited for the familiar yellow taxi cab to pull up to the front of the building and for the familiar shapely legs to step out and walk onto the streets.

            It was nearly five o’clock and the sun was setting. He looked over at the skyline and watched the pink rays curve itself over the sharp steel and glass of the buildings. He glanced back down at the streets and then at his watch. It was exactly five. She had never been late before.

            He headed inside to look at the table he had set up and smiled. For the past week he had taken a chance and watched the cooking channel and practiced until he had mastered the steak and garlic bread that the woman had been teaching. The candles were still waiting to be lit and he decided to light them now. She should be here soon. He straightened the basket of bread and placed a stray rose by her plate. Then he walked back out to the porch to wait.

            The traffic was getting heavy and he wondered if for once she had been unable to get away in time and was stuck. That was okay. He had extra candle to spare. He leaned against the railings and waited again.

            It was unusual for a host to have such an intimate relationship with her client, but Jongup had insisted. He didn’t want to just be one of the men who used her and then left after paying. She was also charming, with a small chip in her front teeth that endeared her to him. She was good in bed, but given her profession that wasn’t a surprise. She was also funny once you got to coax the coldness from her.

            Jongup tapped his fingers on the railing and waited some more. The seconds were ticking away and he wanted to know if she would come. He wanted to call her but realized that one thing she had been adamant against was giving him her number.

            A taxi drove up to the curb and his heart lurched. But a heavyset man stepped out and he felt the disappointment rise in his throat. He glanced back at the candles. They were already halfway burnt out. He contemplated calling the agency and asking if she was still working there but decided that that was too much. He’ll call again on one of his regular days. He didn’t’ want to give her any unnecessary burden.
            When the sun finally set and an entire hour had passed, Jongup walked inside. He blew out the remainder of the candles and placed the food into the garbage. He wasn’t hungry enough to eat anyway. He sat on his bed and turned his phone in his hands. Had she forgotten? That was unusual.

            He usually booked her for Friday nights and so he called the agency to ask for her. There was a pause and the secretary had asked him to hold on for a moment. When she picked up the phone again, she told him that unfortunately she was no longer there.

            That was a lie and Jongup knew. He knew about their contracts and knew that hers was nowhere near up. So she was avoiding him. He couldn’t think of a reason why and so he waited for her to leave the high class hotel they normally operated in. He saw her come out in her heavy glasses and long coat.

            He wanted to walk up to her but something kept him away. He watched from his car as she got into a strange car parked in front. He caught a glimpse of a well-off looking man and saw her lean over to kiss him on the cheek and he knew.

            Jongup stared at the car and started his engine. He pulled out from his parking spot and followed them. He followed them to another hotel and he knew that their days were over. Jongup sat there, watching them go in and wondered if he was a client. But given the way she leaned into him and the way she held onto his arm, he knew that the man was his replacement.

            She always kept a professional distance and it had taken her a month before she would touch him in public. Who knew how long she had been with this one. Jongup bit his lip and wondered why he thought he could have had a relationship with her. He knew what she did with a living and she wouldn’t even give it up despite his insistence that he could provide for her. He didn’t’ mean enough to her.

            Jongup watched the hotel and saw lights flicker on and then off and wondered which one was hers. He shook his head and drove away, laughing at himself. When he got back, he threw out the flowers he had kept and the food he had made again. He wouldn’t be needing it anymore.

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TBH I was really intimidated by you when I first found the blog, but now that we've talked a few times, I can honestly say you;re really cool and down to earth (plus we can swap Shakespeare notes this fall-)

INTIMIDATED? Why omg? No, seriously why? I’m literally a potato :P

adkgjhadjghad yesh. :D and really, thank you for your amazing stories @_@ I just may request another one if you have time haha


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