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I already did something like this like a year ago and I think I wanted to do similar plot with a different twist. It sort of feels like I’ve done similar concepts before and maybe one day I can switch it up completely. But thank you so much for your support guys. I really love you all ♥ I’ll answer more questions after Tuesday once school starts @_@ right now is all moving in

He flipped through the pages with his heart at his throat. Every page, he saw something, be it a picture of a description, that matched the name of the person closest to him, the person who he has known all his life. At the last page, over the gigantic blown up picture was his own face staring back at him: Bang Yongnam- Most Wanted.

            He bit his tongue and wondered what had changed so much between them. When they were young, they did everything together. It was always the Bang twins and nobody could tell them apart until one spoke, and the other didn’t. Yongnam would call the shots and Yongguk would show his assent or dissent by either listening or just simply not doing it.

            Yongguk couldn’t exactly pinpoint where and when they had parted ways but it had happened. Different interests arose and so did different personalities. Yongguk decided to pursue a career that dealt with his sense of justice, and Yongnam, well, he disappeared.

            It was obvious to Yongguk that he had fallen into a bad crowd when some days his brother would leave the house without a word at odd times in the night. He would come back and sometimes vomiting over the floor and bleeding everywhere and it was Yongguk who had to clean him up. Yongguk asked a few questions but he never received an answer.

            He could see the change in Yongnam. His twin was getting bigger and stronger and more menacing. The look was in the eyes. Both of them had chocolate brown eyes but where Yongguk’s were softer, Yongnam’s had a hard glint to them, and that scared Yongguk. His twin was getting inked, but unlike his inspirational words, they were of skulls and bleeding hearts.

            They grew up and each had their own lives. Yongguk studied hard and was recruited by the federal justice department. He ranked number one in all the tests and weaponry skills. They no longer heard from Yongnam. When they did, he was in jail. It was not unexpected but it tore the family apart. They asked him how and why because twins meant that they knew everything about one another, right?

            They visited Yongnam in jail and by then, Yongguk didn’t recognize his older twin. He was hardened and cynical and when the family went into the visitation room, he ignored them. It broke his mother’s heart but it angered Yongguk. He no longer recognized the boy who had been his voice when they were children.

            More years past and Yongguk’s profession took a turn to the darker side. He made justice his focus still but he wanted to bring them down. He wanted to see them gone, one hundred percent. So he went underground. If Yongnam could do it, so could he.

            And now, here he was, presented with the one case he knew he could never do. Yongguk swallowed and read the file. Yongnam was wanted for murders of high level officials. So he had turned to being a murderer as well. Yongguk tapped the file against his palm. It would be his most difficult trial but he had to detach. Bang Yongnam was just another person hazardous to the survival of their nation, just another petty criminal. He was no longer his brother.

            It was difficult tailing him. He covered his traces well and Yongnam had enough connections to ensure that he was well-protected. So Yongguk did the one thing he had tried to disconnect from. He pulled the brother card.

            “As family, don’t you think we should see each other again?” Yongguk had offered over the phone.

            He could hear the sneer in the voice so like his own. “I don’t think so.”

            “Just once, to reminisce about old times,” Yongguk cajoled.

            He heard the click of a gun on the other side. “Weapons allowed,” his brother conceded.


            So that was what it was. They were to duel it out. Of course Yongnam would know that his purpose wasn’t exactly a reunion. Yongguk went prepared. He didn’t hide anything. His gun was in its holster right by his belt, easily within reach.

            Yongnam was a black shadow when he stepped into the old warehouse. “Nice place to meet for the last time,” he chuckled. “We met first in the womb and now it’s in another dark, trapped place. What are you going to do when you kill me, Yongguk?”

            It was the first time he has been called that by his brother and Yongguk started. They had simultaneously drawn their guns and it was clear that only one would live. Yongnam shrugged and stretched out his arms. “Go ahead and kill me. Press that trigger.”

            Yongguk stared at his twin, at the mirror of himself, but twisted, so different. He lowered the gun and immediately, the bullet went to the barrel of Yongnam’s gun. “Don’t put your weapon down. Finish your job, little bro.”

            His breath caught in his throat and Yongguk dropped his arm. Yongnam cocked his eyebrow but kept his gun in the air nonetheless. “What? Family sentiments won’t allow you to kill your dear twin brother?”

            There was another pause and Yongnam shot. The bullet seemed to travel at slow motion. Yongguk closed his eyes and within seconds shots rang out in the warehouse. He watched as the bullet that was intended for him sweep past him and thousands more rain down on his brother.

            Blood squirted everywhere and Yongnam coughed feebly as he stared up at Yongguk. He gave an acknowledging nod of the head. “See you, little brother,” he coughed as men in uniform ran in and more blood poured from his mouth.

            Yongguk stood there and stared before biting his tongue and walking away. Bang Yongnam: Most Wanted, could be crossed off the list. 

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have you not been getting my asks? :( I've sent you three and also a bday request but it seems they haven't gone through T_T

Is this Game anon? I only got your birthday request. I don’t normally include birthday requests on my Hit List but I got you down bb girl ♥

Also, I think requests are opening before your birthday is up so you have more chances then too ;D


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It says request but then you r submission says otherwise

My ask box should also say “Please do NOT request”

sorry dear. requests are closed. they should be open again in january!

K-pop questions, put a number in my ask box and I'll answer it!

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  • 4. Do you ship? So yeah, which pairing(s)?
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  • 7. Favorite boyband?
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  • 9. SMtown or YG entertainment?
  • 10. How many K-pop songs do you have on your ipod/playlist?
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  • 12. Name 3 of your favorite songs sung by boybands.
  • 13. Are you taller or shorter than your bias?
  • 14. What's your favorite lyric?
  • 15. Have you made fanart / written a fanfiction?
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  • 18. Eldest or maknae?
  • 19. Whose birthday is close to yours?
  • 20. Do you watch k-drama? So yes, which one is your favorite?
  • 21. Selca?

Credit to the talented person who made this edit. I got it off Google Images and it didn’t link me to where it came from. If you see this or if you know who it is, do tell! 


            Everyone had a father. Some became fathers. Youngjae was just waiting to be.

            He was stuck in a void. He was also a creation, an android made to look human but he couldn’t live. He didn’t need to breathe, he didn’t need to eat and he didn’t need to feel. He was meant to take over, to be a part of an army so vast and indestructible that nothing would stand in their way once they were released.

            But the thing was, Youngjae had a glitch. He could feel. If this strange pang in his heart whenever he looked out from his gel was yearning, that was what he felt. He wanted to see, to know what the place he was going to conquer was a part of.

            Right now, however, he was still in the making. He hasn’t been equipped with his super powers, and so he was going through the void where he was still part human. But even as part human, he wasn’t supposed to have those complex thoughts running through his head. He was supposed to have one line thoughts, one for each computed command that was installed with him. He was going through a new set of recoding that would turn him from more human into the humanoid he was supposed to be.

            Every day, it was the same cycle of getting tested, of leaving his vial and going into the white performance stage room. The performance room was just a stage with spotlights in the center and a glass separating him and his maker. His maker along with his team would type in controls and see how he reacted.

            It was simple. All Youngjae had to do was compute what was going on and perform the actions. Everything clicked so easily for him. He moved smoothly, while he knew that the other androids were a little more difficult to control. One of the reasons why he was so easy was because his feelings allowed him to move.

            He knew he should move better, and always reacted a second or two before the command was fully computed. “Youngjae will be our best,” his maker often touted.

            But he wouldn’t, and the reason was because he simply was not easy to be controlled. It was both exhilarating and scary, but Youngjae has realized that he held the power in the relationship. Like humans, he could control whether to do what he wanted to and whether to obey or not. And right now, because of lack of reason otherwise, he did whatever was asked of him.

            The hatch to his vial was being undone and he was carefully removed from the wires and braces that kept him in place. The handler smiled at him as she carefully swept the hair off his forehead. “Our Youngjae looks so handsome today. It’ll be easy for you to infiltrate society.”

            He kept a blank face. Androids weren’t supposed to react to whatever the humans said, only to what they typed in but inside, he felt a sick twist in the pit of his abdominal area. He didn’t want to infiltrate.     

            She led him to the white room and stepped out from the cut out door and now she was on the other side. His maker stared at him and sat down. His fingers flew and in the retinal space, Youngjae saw the code. Immediately, he began to move. A little hesitance came into his actions and immediately, the creator noticed.

            Youngjae forced himself not to think. He had to turn off; he had to be one hundred percent robot. He again answered each order with the accuracy that he normally did. “Must have been a tiny glitch. Oil him down and run a systems check,” the maker ordered and Youngjae was shipped to the repair room.

            There, his batteries were taken out and he was finally free of his thoughts. When he was rebooted and started up again later, it took a few moments for his human thoughts to catch up to his consciousness. It was disorienting but as he was marched back to his cubicle, he passed the other humanoids. They were all staring glassily in front of him and he knew that none of them had any thoughts going through their heads right now.

            He copied their blank look, something he had perfected but was surprisingly losing, before he continued walking. When Youngjae was shackled back into his vial again, he settled in and tried to shut down his mind again.

            His mistake was allowing his human thoughts to consume. It happened too regularly and it prevented him from being able to focus on the commands. When he hesitated or didn’t do a certain step or two, he attracted attention.

            This time when his maker asked for another checkup, they found out that the human parts of him hasn’t been deleted completely. “In fact, some of the robotic parts are starting to not be connected because human thought is taking over some of the reactors.

            Youngjae was shut down and put through a grueling test. He had his entire database erased and he had to relearn commands. When he opened his eyes again, there was only a darkness. He stared blankly out of his glass confinement and when he was taken out to be tested, there was nothing that stopped him from completely every task as they were computed.

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Your writing is so well dear~ take care, we support you(: K.


thank you!!


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! OMG I LOVE IT. I wanted to read something like that, even though I never thought about him telling the story when he was dying but you did and that makes it even better. I'm absolutely in love with your stories fjsowjdkd AND JONGUP GOD HELP ME I'M SO BIASED, POOR YONGGUK. ❤❤❤

jakghah you’re so very welcome ♥


This is a cute one haha. I’m about to take a really big step in a friendship and I’m not sure if I’m ready. Wish me luck and give me strength. Hopefully the source of a lot of my troubles can finally just end or be mended. Either way, enjoy this guys.


            Daehyunnie was lost. He didn’t know where he was going and he could only barely read the signs. He pouted and looked around him. Maybe it was a bad idea deciding to go on vacation to a foreign land all on his own.

            He wandered up and down the aisle, pushing along his suitcase. People rushing to get to their terminals pushed past him and he took a deep breath. The next person he met, he was going to venture and ask where he was. But as he walked, there suddenly seemed to be a desertion of the human race. Nobody was in his part of the airport.   

            He spun around on the spot, hoping to see someone. As he turned, he hit something both solid and soft at the same time.


            Daehyun’s heart raced. That sounded like a human. He turned back around and saw a girl before him. He had managed to knock her suitcase to the ground and the latch had opened. “Oh sorry!” he panicked as they both knelt to pick it up. His head hit hers and she reeled back.

            “Wow, you’re like a human bumper car.”

            He couldn’t understand a single word except ‘car’ so he figured she wanted to know if he had a car. “No?” he answered hesitantly.

            She muttered something but smiled. “It’s okay. You don’t need to help me.” Again, it was a load of gibberish. Daehyun didn’t quite know how to respond so he just helped her pick up her stuff. When they were done, she stood and held out her hand. “Thank you.”

            This he knew. “Ah, no problem. I’m sorry.”

            “Where are you going?”

            “New York,” he answered. “I’m here right?” He could communicate a bit. Just don’t throw any difficult vocabulary his way.

            “Yes,” she giggled. “Where are you from?”


            She took out her phone and started to tap furiously at it. He frowned until she turned the screen towards him. There, she had managed to find the Korean phrase for “Are you here alone?”

            He nodded and smiled. Google Translate was notorious for being completely off and wrong, and the grammar here was not pretty either. “Yes,” he answered and she looked relieved, as if happy that the translations were going well.

            She typed again. “What do you plan on doing in New York?”
            This he needed to translate. He took out his own phone, and it was just the two of them exchanging phrases in the broken Google Translate grammar, in the middle of the airport. “I wanted to sightsee! But nobody in my family wanted to come, so I decided to tackle it alone. But now, it seems so daunting.”

            She furrowed her brows. The translations made it seem more severe but she understood his meaning. “I can take you around if you like,” she offered.

            Daehyun brightened but remembered that she was in the airport too. “Why are you here?”

            “I just came back from a study abroad in China.”

            He shuffled. “I’m not comfortable taking your time and making you show a tourist who you can’t talk to around the city.”

            “I can talk to you!” she insisted. “I have friends who are Korean and we’ll have a lot of fun together. New York City is the best place, I promise. So, you ready or not?”

            Daehyun took a deep breath. He might as well. “If you insist,” he said in English and she blushed.

            “Don’t say it with that face!” she typed furiously.

            He quickly translated his reply. “What face?” She imitated him, how he sort of eyed her with a sly smirk and he grinned. “Sorry. My brother always tried to teach me how to be a lady’s man.”

            She backed away playfully. “Uh oh,” she said. “I’m not sure I want to hang with you then. You seem dangerous.”

            He laughed and Daehyun did a dorky dance. “Dangerous!” Then suddenly remembering his manners, he stretched out a hand. “I’m Daehyun.”

            She told him her name and he struggled a little to pronounce it. She mouthed it again and when he got it right, she gave him a thumb’s up. “Alright, let’s go explore the city!”

            And because he let his excitement get the better of him, he grabbed her hand and ran with her down the terminal. “Let’s go!”

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I read your latest Zelo oneshot! I was really paying attention with how you wrote it and it gave me tips on how I could improve my writing especially with conversations transitioning to describing how the characters felt. Thank you very much!

Whoo~ I’m so happy

You’re so very welcome, haha. I’m glad to helping other writers as well. If you ever feel like it, feel free to send me things to read too!

Best of luck on your ventures

LORD HAVE MERCY ON MY POOR SOUL JAJSJSKSJS I LOVED IT OMG HIMCHAN THO EW WHY T___T JAJSJSKSJS I loved it so so so so so Soooo much I love ur alternate universe type of stuff My heart is just SKLAKSJSJS I'm mad at u for making me like this but again not really bc I love ur writing too much Once again thank u so much. I was so excited to see ur update *_*

♥ you’re so so welcome  bb haha ♥

You’re really welcome