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Happy birthday Himchan! Thank you for being persevering and an inspiration. You are B.A.P’s mom, one half of the troublemaker line, the one who will fiercely love and protect. You keep the group together and help guide them even when it’s hard for you. Thank you for surpassing all our expectations with your abilities. #ItsHimchanDay

            It was Himchan’s birthday, and like always, they had a schedule. Last time, they were on their Seoul tour, this time, their US tour. It was constantly work over personal lives and this time, the boys of B.A.P actually wanted to surprise him. This was how Youngjae made a Tumblr account.

            “Yjayo1994” posted something and requested that nobody send any mentions to Himchan. In the world of SNS and internet technology, keeping a secret at this grand a scale was difficult but with their busy schedules, Himchan barely had time to even eat much less go on his iPad. This was a relief as all the planning was going on.        

            “Yjayo1994” asked for fans’ support during their concert. He asked that they cheered extra obnoxiously when Himchan spoke during the show and for them to blow their whistles right when he was going to say something. He asked that everyone remain respectful and designated a few girls to bring in coffee for him. Everything was coordinated with the venue’s security and everything was checked.

            The boys randomly selected a few fans to allow their presents to be delivered onto the stage during their talk time. And, as many major fansites asked, Youngjae and B.A.P grudgingly allowed the fans to help buy them a cake.

            “Looks like all the attention will be on Himchan-Hyung this time,” Daehyun clapped happily. He was excited to see how it all went.

            Youngjae scowled. “You’re just looking forward to eating cake.”

            An onslaught of protests ensued with the other three looking on helplessly. It was only when Himchan walked in that Youngjae quickly switched the word cake to dinner. “I can’t believe you’re still thinking about dinner.”

            Daehyun caught on quickly and all crisis was averted. However, they vowed to be more careful the next time they bickered because Himchan gave them a suspicious glance. All five members gathered in one room after showering was only a little bit shady.

            The day of the concert arrived and everyone was excited. The chosen fans did their duties and some were crying, honored to be a part of the larger surprise. The presents were beautifully wrapped and compiled together. Someone had made a large Tatsmato doll and that was placed at the top of the heap.

            Yongguk had prepared a little speech for his best friend and scratched his chin nervously. It was going to take him a while to say all the English and then switch to Korean. But it was all worth it if he could somehow make Himchan tear up just a little.

            The crowd was long planning a happy birthday song and all it took was for the concert to go well and nobody to let him suspect anything. Throughout the concert, Himchan didn’t know. When fans offered him coffee, he took it, surprised, but not thinking too much on it. In fact, the extra cheering didn’t seem to faze him.

            Behind the stage, as they were changing, he commented, “I think the fans here are really enthusiastic. They cheer really loudly when we’re talking.” He had missed the fact that his cheers were extra loud.

            Jongup grinned angelically. “Well Babyz are great fans.”

            When they went back out and it was the talk time, Yongguk took the opportunity to monopolize the microphone. “To Babyz, thank you for coming. Thank you for enjoying our show and supporting us. “First Sensibility” is a success and it is because of all your love. I want to say something now.”

            He turned to a still unsuspecting Himchan and started to speak in their native tongue. “Himchan, happy birthday! You’ve worked hard with the group all these years and we’re back in America. It really is a dream come true. I hope you the best and thank you for being my friend and companion and helping me guide the kids together.”

            As the translator spoke and everyone cheered, the chosen fans shyly rolled out the cake. Nobody had seen the large creation and when they saw, they all gasped. Himchan’s mouth dropped open and he looked at the attentive audience, then at his members who were clapping.

            The crowd began to sing and the music for their song, “Happy Birthday,” began to play. Himchan teared up and wiped at his eyes. He was smiling and trying to put on a brave face as his members hugged him and teased him.

            When the song was over and he had drops of frosting all over his face, Himchan took the microphone and bowed down. “Thank you everyone for supporting us! Thank you for this. This is a real surprise. Thank you Babyz! I love you!”

            Zelo presented him with a large slice of cake and he opened his mouth. Everyone was grinning as they watched Himchan wipe his tears and bow. The members distributed the cake and Himchan remained to be the last one bowing, deeply grateful and thankful to people who were equally as appreciative of him.

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Girl, I'll put my part of my body so deep in you, it'll touch your soul - Your Husband Daehyun




take what you want

I don’t even

I just-

screw me you Daehyun




sometimes I hate you so much

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Thank you so much! i was wondering what you would do when i gave you that really broad prompt, and I really love it! the message you put in was wonderful too! I like how you incorperated the BABYs as well =) we can make a difference if we try! great job and thank you again! =)

you’re super welcome! sorry i didn’t answer this until now but I always appreciate your feedback


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I can't believe you actually remembered like lñfkklsdfd I feel like crying, I'm that happy(?) I'm 17 and yes, college is the same thing as university here. I looooove it, I'm having a lot of fun studying :P What about you? I'm definitely going to write you more often<3 PS: The last one shot you posted made me cry, I'm confused, too many feelings all together, but I definitely loved it <3

:P of course i remember you haha I have pretty good memory ^^

woop how’s college? it’s really tough for me right now but it’s okay gotta persevere

adgjadgjkha meep gives you hugs

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Waaaaaah I miss you ;; How was the concert??????? -Anoniekins

amazing! did you read my fan account? ^^ the boys really blew me away 

THIS IS THE DAEHYUN “BODY & SOUL” STORY. I had so much feels writing this and I don’t know how I survived. I think I’m just going to tag all my Daewons. I don’t even. Here: listen on repeat. And this gif set:  I don’t even… I don’t even know about my feels anymore. I just- yeah. I think I’m going to drown in my puddle of feels. I swear I died during this performance. This one is a little long… This is also for game anon. I know it’s not what you requested but… 


Warning: Explicit Content

The moment the music started, your brain froze. Your heart jumped to your mouth and then the all too familiar beginning sounded and your knees weakened. Yongguk’s deep “Turn the lights off” told you that you weren’t mistaken. B.A.P was performing “Body & Soul.” Your hands curled into fists as you stared at the love of your life.

            Daehyun, who had already occupied ninety-five percent of your attention the entire concert, now had all of it. He kept his face blank and sang when he had to. His voice sent shivers down your spine and you watched his body rolls. The sharp movements reminded you of the way he moved against you. There was something mesmerizing about how serious he looked as he danced.

            You let out a tiny whimper as you watched his chest pop out and then his pelvis. Everyone in the audience was enthralled as they watched the performance. Your sharp eyes noticed Daehyun tug at his tie and sure enough when he turned back around, the knot had lowered. You leaned back and gripped your light stick tightly, trying not to think about how badly you wanted to pull him by the thin fabric.

            You closed your eyes for a while and allowed Daehyun’s voice to wash over you. When you opened them again, he was staring right at you. Your mouth went dry and he turned back around. You saw him pull off his tie and throw it in the corner. Your hands itched to unbutton his dress shirt. During the music break, you watched his fluid motions. They got on the floor and Daehyun’s legs spread as he thrust his hips in the air.  

            He turned his head from side to side, his face sensual with its solemn expression. You stared as he snapped his hips forward in powerful movements. You tightened your legs, trying not to think about Daehyun under you, pushing up against you as he straddled him. It was a relief when he stood up but then came your weakness.

            He held the microphone to his lips and the high note soared as he tilted his head back. A moan escaped your mouth as you remembered a few nights ago. The high note made your heart clench and you shuddered. You stared at him fiercely, trying to control yourself as he sang out his adlibs. When the merciless song finally ended, you still held your breath, afraid that if you let go, all your desire would be noticeable.

            You went back to your hotel room after the concert was over. You stood staring out the window, hugging yourself. The lights were twinkling outside and you shivered in your robe. You heard the door click as it was opened and again when the person entered. There were soft footsteps and then a pair of strong arms slid around your waist.

            You leaned back into the familiar warmth and breathed in the scent you loved to have next to you. “Did you enjoy the concert?”

            You rested your head against Daehyun’s chest and looked up at him. He was smiling at you and you nodded. “Of course. When do I ever answer the negative?”

            His eyes were twinkling as he turned you around and held your elbows. “No, I meant to ask if you enjoyed the show I put on for you.”

            You feigned ignorance but you knew exactly what he was talking about from the way his full lips curved into a smirk. You leaned forward, knowing full well that the robe barely covered your cleavage, and shook your head. “The concert was so energetic. I know all the other fans enjoyed it.”

            You saw Daehyun’s eyes flicker to your chest. His lips thinned slightly and he swallowed. His Adam’s apple visibly bobbed and you knew you were going to have fun tormenting him tonight. He wrapped one arm around your waist and pulled you closer.

            “Are you sure you don’t know what I’m talking about?” His voice had dropped to a husky deepness and you shivered. He saw the slight movement and couldn’t hide his delight. His hand strayed to your ass. As he cupped it, he whispered, “Maybe you need a little reminder?”

            His free hand tilted up your chin and you stared hungrily at his lips as they came closer. His lips molded over yours and you gasped. All the pent up desire you had stored away during the concert came back and you rested your hands against his chest.

            Daehyun pulled you closer and gently rolled his body against you. You mewled as his tongue explored your mouth. His breathing grew heavy but he didn’t break the kiss. You yanked on his tie and started walking backwards. Your legs twined together and you stumbled back onto the bed.

            He supported himself so he wouldn’t crush you and you nibbled on his lips. He tasted like mint and chocolate and you could feel his hard on pressing into your stomach. Daehyun peppered your neck area with kisses as his hands reached down between your legs. You spread them at his guidance and he grinned wickedly when he discovered you had no underwear under your robe.

            “Naughty, you were ready for this,” he grinned. His slim fingers massaged your inner thighs and you gave another wanton moan. Your hands clawed desperately at his tie, yanking him back towards you. Your fingers trembled as you tried to undo the buttons on his shirt. Daehyun watched you in amusement as you bit your lips when he slid a finger inside you.

            He inserted another finger and you squeezed your eyes shut. Your walls clamped down on him and your breathing grew heavy. Daehyun rubbed across your clit and you bit your tongue. You focused on the task at hand: removing his shirt. But he was making it difficult by crossing his fingers and kissing your wrist.

            You peeled away his shirt. You sat up and ran a hand down the slight ripples of his abs. You got on your knees and held onto his shoulders as you licked his nipple. It hardened on your tongue and you smirked. When you moved to pleasure the other hardening nub, you made sure to let your breath linger on his skin. His muscles tensed.

            Daehyun’s hands gripped your arms tightly as you sucked gently on his skin and bit into it. He let loose a growl and pushed you away. His eyes were focused as he forced your legs open and undid the belt of your robe. The silk material fell open and you were exposed to him. He kissed your shoulders then used his tongue to trace the dip of your clavicles. You wanted to mold your body against him but he kept a tantalizing distance between the two of you.

            Your eyes flickered to his pants and you saw the visible strain of his erection. “Dae, babe, you sure you don’t need help with that?” His lips furled backwards as he shook his head. He kissed your ribcage, avoiding your breasts. You clutched the sheets and bucked your hips. He chuckled and dipped his tongue into your navel.

            “Let me,” you told him. Daehyun moved away and you hurriedly unbuckled his belt. You were concentrated on the bulge, tenting in his pants. When you finally freed his erection, you wrapped your fist around him and he sighed.

            You glanced up at him as you took him in your mouth. You sucked him, wanting to hear him moan, wanting to make him go crazy as revenge. He entangled his fingers in your hair and pulled. “Don’t move,” he commanded. You opened your throat, knowing what he was going to do. Sure enough, Daehyun’s hips started to rock forward and you gagged slightly whenever the tip of his cock hit the back of your throat.

            His eyes closed and that was when you released him. Daehyun staggered back and stared at you with hooded eyes. His lips curled into a slow smile as he realized what you wanted. He motioned for you to move back. You slid up the bed until your back hit the headboard. He climbed onto the bed after you and you swallowed.

            He hummed a few bars of the dreaded song. You snarled as he came forward. He still had his shirt on, with the undone tie dangling off his neck. You took the tie off and helped him slide off his shirt as well. “That song is the death of me.”

            Daehyun grinned, happy that you finally admitted it. He hugged you to him and switched your positions so that you were straddling him. He pressed the two of you together and slid his hands between the two of you. The pad of his thumbs played with your nipples and your throat tightened.

            “So you liked it, huh. It was my idea to get down on the floor and do the thrusts. I figured you would appreciate it.”

            You could barely get your words out as he lifted your hips and lowered you on top of him. You fell forward as you adjusted to his thickness pulsing inside you. “Fuck,” you muttered as he began to roll his pelvis against you. You wanted nothing more than to feel his arms around you but he was still holding you away from him. “I hate you,” you told him.

            Daehyun raised an eyebrow coolly as he continued to move in you. You wanted to speak without stuttering but the sound of his skin hitting yours was making it difficult. “B-because of you, I only enjoyed one sixth o-of the concert.”


            “You, I only looked at you, dammit,” you growled and yanked his hands away. He was smiling happily at the fact that you only watched him but your sudden movement surprised him. You placed your hands on either side of him and lifted your hips before sitting back down on his cock. You moved at a much faster pace because the fire in your veins burned.

            Daehyun slowly sat up and you switched your legs so that they were wrapped around his waist. He held you close to him and you pressed your lips on his. Your hands clutched at his back and you rocked to a steady rhythm. He swiveled his hips to hit you at a new angle and stars exploded.

            “Dae, fuck me harder,” you panted. He placed one hand down on the bed to support himself and slammed into you. He pulled out completely before sliding his pelvis forward and entering you again. You threw your head back and screamed his name as you felt the pleasure rapidly uncoiling in your stomach.

            He hugged you to him and continued to pound into you. Daehyun was singing “Body & Soul” in your ears, albeit a little staggeringly. You ran your hands over his slick body and reached your orgasm. You could hear his breathing quicken as he came closer. Your muscles tightening against him made him release. You shuddered to hear the high note rip from his throat as he hit his pleasure. His voice keened in your ears and you peppered kisses across his chest.

            Daehyun still moved, wanting to help you ride out your high as well. You kissed him, trying to swallow his moans as he chanted your name. Hot liquid spilled between your legs and your limbs were tangled in a mess. Daehyun’s hands were on your back as he held you to him.    

            He placed you down on the bed and you stared into his eyes. Sweat was dripping down his face and you wiped them away. He let out a little laugh and swept your messy hair from your face.

            “That song is illegal. You should be banned from performing it.”

            Daehyun raised an eyebrow and started to sing the opening bars. “Hey, if it gets me this reaction every time, I wouldn’t mind.” You mustered up all your strength to give him as threatening a glare as you could. Instead of being intimidated, however, Daehyun simply kissed you. “You already have my body and soul. It’s only fair I can have yours.” 

I’m back guys ^^ It’s been a while and I’m finally in a really happy place now. Let’s hope schoolwork doesn’t bring me down haha. But I’m happy and I’m excited to finally be here and to write again. This one is for Roffy because I just love her too much.

            “When taking care of your pregnant partner, please ensure that she is at her most comfortable at all times.” Yongguk looked up from the how-to bestseller and nodded. “I can do this.” At the boys’ skeptical glances, he amended, “I think.”

            Himchan shook his head and crossed his arms. “What did you say today was?”

            “Wife Appreciation Day,” Yongguk answered automatically.

            “Okay, and why are we part of this plan? Shouldn’t this be a solo operation for your own wife?”

            There was a shy chuckle and Yongguk scratched his neck a little bashfully. “I sort of need backup in case things don’t work out. What if she suddenly craves something I can’t make or what if she wants to do something and I need help making it happen? Please, just this one day. It’ll be my entire agenda to make her comfortable for the whole day.”

            “You do know that pregnancy lasts for nine months and you should always be making her happy,” Youngjae interjected dryly.

            Yongguk looked pleadingly at his members. “Just this one day because she’s been having a bit of a hard time.”

            One by one, the five boys grinned and clapped him on the back. “Of course we will help you. Who do you think we are?”

            This was met with a relieved sigh and Yongguk stood, clapping his hands. “Alright, let’s go!”

            Youngjae casually flipped through the book. “This also says that ‘simply showing love to her every day is comfort in itself.’ Hyung, you don’t need to trouble yourself too much. You just need to send love her way.”

            Yongguk glared at the younger man. “Hey, zip it. Help me today and I’ll treat you all to dinner.” They cheered at this and Himchan plopped down on the couch.

            “We’ll make ourselves comfortable here. Call us whenever you need us.” Yongguk nodded and went out the door to go back home.

            When he got home, his wife was up, cooking. He went to her immediately and took the spatula from her. “Hey, today, let me do everything.”

            She smiled a little and took the cooking utensil back. “It’s okay. I know you’re tired. You woke up early this morning to go to the studio. It’s only eleven in the morning and you’ve already been outside. I’m pregnant, not invalid.”

            “Hey, it’s rare that I have this day off. Let me take care of you.” And despite her protests, he picked her up bridal style and brought her to the couch. She swatted him gently and couldn’t stop the smile that was spreading across her face.

            He kissed her forehead and she pouted. “What was that?”

            Yongguk smiled. “What was what?”

            She pointed at her lips. “Don’t pretend to be chaste. Especially not when I already have a bun in the oven. People already know we’ve done the dirty.”

            He chuckled at her usage and kissed her on the lips this time. When he pulled away, he took the spatula from her and went to flipping the omelets. “Make sure you add the scallion!” she instructed.

            Yongguk gave her the okay sign with his fingers and flipped the food onto a plate. He squeezed ketchup on the side and brought it to her. She reached for the plate but he shook his head. He held up a forkful and opened his mouth, indicating her to copy. She scoffed but leaned forward and ate it from his outstretched hand anyway.

            “I’m with child, not a child, Gukkie.” But he knew from the smile on her face that she was enjoying it. When brunch was over, Yongguk sat down next to her.

            “What do you want to do?”

            She stretched out on the couch and propped her feet on his lap. “Watch a movie.” He let her pick a romantic comedy and spent most of the time staring at her instead. She hugged the cushion to her and he absentmindedly massaged her feet, rubbing the soles firmly. During a rather dramatic kiss scene, she turned to look at him and smiled a little.

            “Would you like to emulate that?” he offered. She blushed and used her feet to tap him on the stomach.

            “Keep quiet and keep doing what you were doing.”

            By the time the movie ended, however, her eyes were closed and she was sleeping. Yongguk picked her up and tucked her into bed. He stayed by her side for a while, rubbing her stomach and grinning wildly to himself when he felt the baby kick. He kissed her cheek and went downstairs.

            When she woke up much later, she was pouting. “Sorry I slept the whole day away.” She hugged him from behind and leaned her head against his back. Yongguk shook his head.

            “Hey, you’re tired. It’s not easy. Just another two months left and then it’ll be more work for us.”

            She laughed and hugged him. “Look forward to it!”

            That was when the doorbell rang. The two of them went to get the door and Yongguk was only slightly embarrassed that she was still holding onto him. He opened the door and standing on the porch were the members. When Himchan saw the couple glued together, a wide smile spread across his face.

            “We brought dinner but if you two want some alone time, I guess we can go.”

            She laughed and opened the door more. “Get in, you goofballs. You can’t begrudge me some lovey dovey time with my husband.” Yongguk childishly stuck out his tongue at them as they came in.

            Over dinner, Himchan looked at her. “So, did he treat you well today?”

            She twined their fingers together and smiled. “He always does.”

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Most of it is the general school and family stuff that I had to deal with, but i got through it with that myung scene you wrote for me.<3

wah I really hope you’re doing fine now girl

stay strong and just know unnie’s here

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I love you and your oneshots so much



thank you dear!!

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hey there! i don't think your stories are crap. i like himchan scenarios and i noticed some recent stories are very sad or violent, not very my style but i've been following your work for a good time and i know you have great works, scenarios i adore so much! maybe you're not in a very good phase now and it can reflect in how you see and write the stories but you have potential and a lot of followers to support you! so FIGHTING, okay? ^^ i hope you feel better soon! all the best <3

akagahd thanks so much~

Yeah it was partially what people requested and partially my mood seeping through but I’m also in a really good place right now finally and I really appreciate that you guys are here for me

♥ thank you so so much bb